A few years ago nikiwa bado campo I paid a visit to some urologist in Nakuru. Can’t remember the exact building, but office yake ilikuwa 7th floor.

Nikapata queue. Waited for a few hours before seeing him. Now there was an old man before me. A man who seemed like he was in his 70’s or something. And while I was making an appointment with the urologist the previous day he had indicated atakuwa theatre until 11.00 AM.

So just before I entered his office I noticed the old man limping away. Alikuwa amevaa kofia kama ya Raila – you know, those Luo hats. He was a frail old man, very thin. He was being escorted by two other men.

So nikaingia kuona urologist. Talked to him for an hour or so. Alafu I requested to use his toilet. Wueh! Kuingia kwa toilet I found bloody bandages kwa iyo waste basket. Toilet yenyewe ilikuwa bloody. Something like bloody soup was just floating around.

I remembered the limping man. And before him there had been another limping patient. It was very disturbing. Back then I’d spend my time in college shopping for designer colognes (kina cool water by davidoff) lakini after that incident my outlook on life changed. I realized existence is not about coffee shops and sidewalks and wi-fi networks. It’s about mud. rocks. bloody toilets. And creatures fighting to survive.

Anyway, examination by the doctor is a hekaya for another day.

Shiet! Bora uhai

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Coffee shops, side walks, designer colognes, big house, beautiful wife and kid,business, money, kungurus, all make life worth living. If nothing makes you tick then live in a fukcing hut or something. Or drive a tuk tuk to work or something. Or jiue or something. Life is for the living. While alive, take care of your health. Nut daily if you can. Otherwise prostate cancer is waiting for you around the corner. You can’t live life if you ain’t fit to live it.

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@Swansea utahiri lini?

To see a Urologist, or any medical specialist in .ke, do just walk-in, or you have to be referred by your General Practitioner ?

Either. You can call and schedule an appointment directly

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