A visibly frustated county commissioner kapiga Kipsigis bonobos sweeps kali sana


Kabla Jalas aambie kijana ya wenyewe akamuliwe mkia

Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembea

This is a lot of rubbish. A public employee should not be allowed to talk this nonsense

If you go there and see for yourself, you would tell them the same thing… manufacturing poverty + cattle rustlers

Nonsense. Between Luos and Kipsigis, who have greater difficulty with swahili? Between the Kipsigis and the Bukusu, how wide is the poverty gap? How many Kipsigis women have 18 Children

It’s all about knowing your audience and adapting.

Sasa hao peasants ukianza story za condoms na other techniques of family planning techniques si you will alienate them.

Bringing the conversation to their daily reality is much more effective.

That is obviously a hyperbole… It’s a way to emphasize a point that’s all.

Watu waache kuzaana kama njugu.

Stop being a salty nigga

Alafu those people actually believe when polititians tell them that more kids = more allocation of GOK money.

:D:D:D:D that was some funny shit. The last time nilicheka hivo ilikuwa after kusoma ile hekaya ya @Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD vile alisafiri kwa face-me.

This county commissioner is very funny. He is actually the Regional Commissioner of Rift Valley maybe the equivalent of a PC.
Niliona anaitwa George Natembeya.

As long as it gets the point across and in a comical fashion.

Ungeweka hadi part 2. Ati bundle of misery. :D:D:D

@WIGSPLITTA kuja ucheke kidogo.


He he he, Natembea ni fwaya. Ni Bukusu by the way.

Nimeangalia several clips Youtube. Yenyewe the guy is very funny and also quite assertive.

meffi yeye

That mongrel should direct his nonsense to Kikuyus who have bred like rats and can no longer be sustained by Central, their home, and Luhyas who have equally bred like rats and everywhere like bacteria.

My kinsmen should give birth more so that when some people want to distribute resources based on one man one shilling, they will not be left out.

Also, to hell with tyranny of numbers. We need to equalize the game!

Mbwa wewe, takataka ya municipal

Si unasemanga wewe ni Karamojong mara Pokot, mara Tugen sasa umekuwa Kipsigis tena jameni.

Maybe you should kill yourself if you feel watu wanazaana sana.