A village sponsor tries his luck with TerryAnne Chebet



Post wall chieth kunguru

Hata huyu nyanya anaringia wanaume?

[SIZE=5]Why waste your valuable time with these Prima Donna’s …???

Up to 58% of any population is Female …
And at least 20% of that pool are really nice females …

So …
Go and get some …[/SIZE] :D:D:D

Admin can you control this repetitive threads of same topic?

Census results and global population prove otherwise. In India and China there are more men .hence globally men are slightly more.The number of men and women in the world is roughly equal, though men hold a slight lead with 102 men for 100 women (in 2020). More precisely, out of 1,000 people, 504 are men (50.4%) and 496 are women (49.6%).

This young man has a lot to learn. The Oracle said never mix business…

MGTOW= FREEDOM… alpha males kindly respect yourself by not engaging this old ,post wall chieth.

I only send single msgs at a time. If you ignore the last one sita txt tena. 2021 hatu force issues. Kushinda uki txt unakaa desperate

Watu wamekasirika sana pale Mukuru slums:

Kuna mluyha amesema kuwa guka yake akihesabu watoto huwa anahesabu bibi yake pia.Kina @Abba hawana akili ata heshima kwa khupipi hakuna

Here are photos of the young man who missed the job opportunity he was looking for after TerryAnne discovered he was flirting with her in the DM after doing a background check on him…

From a female perspective, the number of men available is relatively low. To them, a man =money that’s why numbers will never balance

Unasahau kuna mababu rika yake…


Mnaezaje weka thread kama hii kisha msahau kuita @Sambamba ? How selfish.

Pia mimi ninashangaa hao mafisi wameona nini hapo? Out here kuna young beautiful women but hao mafisi wananyemelea this olders single mom who has layers of makeup.

That’s why we turned out to be strong virile men not sissy mom’s boys like you Joel Njeri

You got it. In real sense men are fewer than women coz to us the only men that count are those that are resourceful/useful

What a pathetic loser. Definitely a talker with zero style and 100% utalipa ngapi shenanigans.