A very weird dream

Sasa jana, nimechapa my two usual Tuskers, nikakula kanyama nikaishia kulala. Usiku nimeota kitu weird sana. It was back in the village and I needed to till some land- tunatumianga tractors. The tractor that I hired was a flying tractor. I mean flying , kupaaa angani kama ndege. The tractor was supposed to take off like a plane piga U-turn huko juu and aim where to till and then come gliding down just like plane. When landing inadrag the plough and that is how the land was to be tilled. Weird I know, but that is how it was to be done in dream land. So the tractor (btw, ilikua ni those green John Deere, very old) took off, but it couldn’t attain the required height, itashuka chini kidogo, ikaguza ground, then up again and this time ikapaa kitu 50ft then came crashing down. The pilot (ama ni plan operator) was badly injured, and I woke up when we were loading him to a car kumpeleka hosi. He looked like a familiar person, a relative even, but cant remember exactly who he was.

This is not the first time I have dreamed of a weird thing crashing at the same field. Early this year, I dreamed of some cars that were racing in the sky (flying) and two collided up there and came crashing onto the same field.

Sasa watu wangu, is this a message from the gods or am going crazy?


you have been watching to much “air crash investigation”

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Far from it. I cant remember watching something like this in the last 2 yrs.

haha love that dream. they should make a movie out of it!. anyway, my take is that the land has potential to take off, but it will only do so with the right person at the helm. You are always out there watching what is going wrong, maybe its time you took charge of the land and realised its full potential!

hehehehehe, eti a movie? it would be the most absurd movie of all time.

but I find that a comforting interpretation. I have been trying to get a “negative” message from the dream. maybe I need to be optimistic.

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i suggest you speak with Walter Bishop, he of fringe science fame :D:D:D

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Our kdf got some new choppers Jana maybe you saw what they will do in Boni soon.

hehehehe I smell @KUNGU THE PILOT

Bro, this is serious. Very serious…tsk tsk…first the dream is personal (i don’t know how old John Deere tractors look like, so that means only you will understand the significance of the tractors.) I can give you my interpretation but haitakusaidia…all I can see is you may be the kind of person with an ability to sense stuff early…pay attention…

Hii ni bangi imenyeshewa.

hii labda the Observers wamsaidie. maybe his alternate is learning to fly but our friend here the closest he has been to a plane is a JD tractor :D:D:D

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The tractor is your body, the familiar driver is your msedes… The inability to plough is your low stamina in issues relating to threshold… Kunywa zile concotion za ndauo kaka… Give your johnson new breath of life.

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@jumabekavu njoo kidogo kuna mtu anataka usaidizi lakini yuaka kasahau jogoo mweusi na vifaranga watatu.

Wacheni mzeso. Hii ni kitu serious.

Am worried because there is a mega project am planning, and if it goes down, my future would be ruined. I am betting my two nuts. Plus am planning resigning my non-paying job na nitukane mdosi. Am wondering if the dream is a warning of failure.

Just change your pillows.
If they are hard, it means more blood is racing within your brain when you sleep as it ‘tries’ to make itself a bit comfortable, hence the violent dreams.

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Mobile things keep crashing. From great heights. And you are planning kutukana boss.
Crashing. From great heights.

Tafakari hayo…

How did you measure or estimate that height in your dream?

Really? I never use pillows in the first place.

50ft is approx the height of trees. Ilikua imefika hapo before coming down.

You know something; flying tractors and pink elephants belong in cloud cuckoo land…

Just make whatever your head lies on a bit softer. even if its the mattress, try to change it or sleep on a different bed.