A very strong Mother

Very sad. She’s unmoved…

I think to her huyo mtoto wake alikufa kitambo, she was just waiting to bury him. I am sure hiyo siku alilala with peace.

She’s totally unmoved which makes you wonder? Asi! Does she have bitterness with the boy’s father because it’s like she’s saying that child didn’t take after her. She’s hardworking and honest, while he wasn’t. It fikas a stage where teenage boys raised by single moms need a father figure to discipline them.

Towards the end of the clip you can see she is almost smiling, she is clad the bastard is gone. But you can also see she tried to help him.

Derrick Ndungu 19 years old, for 19 years she has struggled with that brat, at least the gods have taken that burden out of her hands. The rogue genes of that young man has been eliminated out of this world before he could spread them further, good riddance

I agree with this, so it is upon her to tell us what happened to the father, was it death or she drove her away with her toxic feminism, only her can explain as well as we hear from the father’s side

Losing a child must be the worst pain in the world. Moreover a child who didn’t know God, mambo yake imehang tu. Hujui kule ameenda, terrible.

What if he already spread them?

At 19 years maybe one child, but I wonder if in his state (assuming the mother described him correctly) he can bag a woman to nut on

How can a child not know God and yet they come from God? :D:D:D

Angalau hajaficha kitu Kama wale husema mtoto wangu hakuwa mwizi

Wenye huficha always still have hope that the spoilt brat can make about turn, but when it reaches a point where the elastic limit is reached (like in this case) you have no choice but to vehemently admit and let nature take its course

Hiyo ndio kitu most striking. Moreso juu alianza after ashasomeshwa.
In some places, a parent’s responsibility end after high school. Hiyo ingine ni favour.

Well, he wasn’t a child per se. A 19 year old ni mtu mzima.

Good riddance. Huyu mama naweza mlipia bill ya lunch

A few words …
The the general problem with a big portion of Kenyans [ both aged and youth ] is a lack of Discipline and Focus

We need to bring back a Mandatory 6 Months National Service Training for ALL Form 4 Graduates with the following focus :-
1/ Discipline & Nationalism.
2/ Basic Military Training.
3/ Basic Life Skills.
4/ Participation in National Infrastructure Projects.

The Goal :-
Moulding Kenyan Youth into a pool of disciplined & organised manpower, through participation in socio-economic development activities & vocational training



No one [ … and I mean no one … ] proceeds to the University or Job Market without going thru this training.
[ This training can be modified for the physically disabled , gender or medical condition ].

Huyo mama anaongea na ujasiri hivyo but she must shed a tear before the guy is put 6ft under.Lazima asikie ka uchungu


My deer,umekaa majuu sana ukasahau ile utundu iko na watoto wa huku? It gets to a point where a parent just gives up (some ignore but defend their wayward kids) .Umsomeshe, uchunge,alafu hakuna mwelekeo? Ndungu is not the only one. Since your feet will never step in kenya’s ghettos,ulizia uskie vile wazazi wamekubali watoto wao ni jangili and they’ve left it to the govt. to deal with them. I do not condone the death of anyone’s child but ikifika mtoto ni violent robber ,what more is there to be done ? Please,please…usiseme counseling:D:D

Actually its not to discipline them, it’s to teach them what a man is and do it practically. Most mothers are even tougher disciplinarians, but boys still miss something. Its said “every boy has a man in him, and it takes another man to call that man from the boy”. Mentorship.