a Typical Mshiny eye will tell u that Kibra Slums imejaa Wajaka tupuu but on the ground things are different

A typical mshiny eye like that ghasia mzee @FieldMarshal CouchP and his partner in crime @Motokubwa will open their mdomo kauka mouths and say oooh the Lord of poverty Raila’s supporters (read Luos) are living in poverty pale kibra.

One may think they’re no msaperes in Kibera.


Swifting gears, what is wrong with Kenyan media(githeri media)? In this time and age u broadcast such statistics on national tv. SMH


Walifanya hio census yao wapi ?lini ?

@FieldMarshal CouchP is a kikuyu chauvinist who has probably never gone beyond the walls of his remote shopping center in Muranga. His beliefs depict a very shallow old-timer who is detached from reality and one that has been brought up with the shiny-eye privilege mentality. Well, NEWS FLASH grandpa not every member of your tribe lives above the poverty index, yes a large proportion of billionaires are from your tribe but so are some of the most poverty-stricken and destitute individuals. Please next time you come here typing how your tribesmen fought for independence or rather how they are the most successful businessmen or rather how your community contributes the largest percentage of tax take a trip down to Mukuru or Kibra or Mathare… Until then spare us ur c***p

@FieldMarshal CouchP is part of that kind of folks that thinks, if you’re younger than him;

  • you should shut up and listen to “age old” wisdom.
  • shouldn’t be more successful than him. He and his “riika” hold those keys to success.
  • shouldn’t be more educated than him. Since he was part of the inception of the Kenyan education system with KAPE, CPE and all that crap they had back then.
  • shouldn’t be richer or more financially successful that he is because they come from that generation of yore.
  • Hate with a passion to see anyone succeed.

Bure kabisa!

Typical baby boomer thinking rigid asf

There was very little land in the highlands for the ordinary Kikuyu. The land moved from 300 whites to 300 Africans. Social injustice visited on the Kikuyu Maumau. Their progeny are landless, they are the squatters and slum dwellers. The first thing in a Kikuyu’s mind is never a farm but a plot, just to have a 40x80ft.

Homosexual chieth rudi kwa shetani umbwa ghassia takataka

Hawa mashoga wameanza kupata confidence ya kujitokeza mbele ya watu normal. Not good at all. Blame it on Obama

Obama alipitisha all homo laws through executive orders . MTU umbwa kabisa

Bukusu khasia, na wewe unashinda nyuma ya wanaume … what is the difference

Kwanini wako even numbers kama noti za thao

Upussy thread full of chieth.

Wameround up watoi :smiley:

kamuliwa na abdul bila kusingizia shemeji

Hujui alijichukulia mkambodia? By now amekuwa Kush Yule Mkonda vile Kalondu anakula share yake na nusu ya Kush

hio ilikuwa just for show,lakini deep down in his heart anajua yeye ni wa mlengo upi

That explains about the kikuyus in the slums, what about the majority luhyas, followed by Luos and kambas?

If Kyuks are in such great numbers in an area where they are not expected to be, it just goes on to confirm that we are more than 50% of the total Kenyan population.

The truth is, we achieves perceived freedom but nevertheless economic freedom was never ever achieved. Imagine a white man still in delmonte while majority of Kikuyu’s live in less than an acre of land. Let’s not even talk about Kenyatta family, their story is way different. Accepting that there is a problem is the only path to finding a solution.