A Trump Win Will Convert America Into A Ghetto. 4 Years Of Riots

That will be the best thing to have ever happed in the USA. Destruction just like the US destroys other countries. Riots will spiral out of control. Everytime the racist cu,nts kill negro expect damages from riots to be in the range of Billions of USD.

America is a huge ghetto with pockets of bling and big guns.
So all you seeing now is nothing new.
The only difference right now is, the Trump legacy will render the black man a guarantee to pull the shortest stick in matters of social justice as trump is busy transforming the justice department filling all the vacant judges positions with the “conservatives”. America faced with trillion debt, massive socialistic bailouts for the corporate whilst preaching a wanting patriotic life(sentence)., a capitalistic lifestyle for the common unhealthy overworked and under educated American will only enhance America becoming a full fledged 3rd world country with fat people

From the citizens’ perspective he still has no chance of winning. But there’s a slight chance the Electoral College might mess things up again like they did with Hilary… which might lead to a more deranged society. Imagine voting for Dinda alafu your MCA goes against you and elects Kalonzo :D:D

I’m always asking how the ‘law and order’ president is presiding over the most lawless period in recent US history?
But @T.Vercetti and fellow clown supporters can’t answer.

Even Obama (who btw was only ‘divisive’ because racist white people didn’t bring themselves to like him) never had this on his hands.

Trump’s modus operandi has been to never take blame all his life. I think it’s even in one of ‘his’ books.
The president who stokes division, hate, racism, conspiracy theories etc. on a daily basis, will never take blame for the results of his poisonous tongue.

“Blame BLM and Antifa,” which only incites more and more retaliatory violence.

It is time the cult members find the courage to admit they were conned by the lifelong conman.

The chaos is planned as it was in 1992 and in 1968.

George H W Bush was forced out of office by the Clintons in 1992 via similar coup i.e LA riots. Bush had also been accused of being a racist during his presidency. Same old script.

There is a larger conspiracy at play here that is linked directly to the trade war with China. The players behind the shadows do not appreciate Trump’s antics in China.

We have seen throughout Trump’s presidency the never ending coup to temove him. Only a fool cannot see what is at play here. They tried to impeach him and now they want to riot him out of the white house. This is not by accident.

How comes BLM never behaved the same way during the Obama era when blacks were shot by police???

BLM is a well oiled political tool.

I don’t know if Bush was racist. If he was he was a closet racist.
Trump is an open and proud racist.

Nearly 4 years of Trump inciting, congratulating and retweeting white supremacist was going to boil over.
Police killed George Flyod out of their own volition.
People who were tired with unarmed black men getting killed came out in numbers, a good number of them white.

The so called ‘coup’ is bonkers, considering Trump has committed several more impeachable offences. If their democracy works right, he should not be in office.

Because Obama was conciliatory and acted like a president.
Trump has been so irresponsible with his words, but he can’t help himself. He has been a racist since birth.

Obama still saw small police shooting protests, but it is Trump’s behavior over time that has led them to grow to where they are.

:D:D:D @T.Vercetti unanichekeshaga sana. @Kennedy Maina save your breath, this thread is likely to spin out of control cause of pointless arguments.

Wacha uchokozi na urudi Canaan. No one wants your antics here. And why do you need to hide behind another handle?

How is Trump a racist?

Can you kindly provide proof to show that Trump is a racist and if you prove to me that he is in deed a racist … I will cease to support him today!

Kindly table some concrete proof.

:D:D:D hiding? Explain this further

As with any cult, you will make excuses for him even when presented with evidence.
But here we go anyway.

There’s a whole Wikipedia page on Trump’s racism - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racial_views_of_Donald_Trump

[SIZE=5]Trump has a long history of racist controversies[/SIZE]
Here’s a breakdown of Trump’s history, taken largely from Dara Lind’s list for Vox and an op-ed by Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times:

[li]1973: The US Department of Justice — under the Nixon administration, out of all administrations — sued the Trump Management Corporation for violating the Fair Housing Act. Federal officials found evidence that Trump had refused to rent to Black tenants and lied to Black applicants about whether apartments were available, among other accusations. Trump said the federal government was trying to get him to rent to welfare recipients. In the aftermath, he signed an agreement in 1975 agreeing not to discriminate to renters of color without admitting to previous discrimination.[/li][li]1980s: Kip Brown, a former employee at Trump’s Castle, accused another one of Trump’s businesses of discrimination. “When Donald and Ivana came to the casino, the bosses would order all the black people off the floor,” Brown said. “It was the eighties, I was a teenager, but I remember it: They put us all in the back.”[/li][li]1989: In a controversial case that’s been characterized as a modern-day lynching, four Black teenagers and one Latino teenager — the “Central Park Five” — were accused of attacking and raping a jogger in New York City. Trump immediately took charge in the case, running an ad in local papers demanding, “BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY. BRING BACK OUR POLICE!” The teens’ convictions were later vacated after they spent seven to 13 years in prison, and the city paid $41 million in a settlement to the teens. But Trump in October 2016 said he still believes they’re guilty, despite the DNA evidence to the contrary.[/li][li]1991: A book by John O’Donnell, former president of Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, quoted Trump’s criticism of a Black accountant: “Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day. … I think that the guy is lazy. And it’s probably not his fault, because laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is, I believe that. It’s not anything they can control.” Trump later said in a 1997 Playboy interview that “the stuff O’Donnell wrote about me is probably true.”[/li][li]1992: The Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino had to pay a $200,000 fine because it transferred Black and women dealers off tables to accommodate a big-time gambler’s prejudices.[/li][li]1993: In congressional testimony, Trump said that some Native American reservations operating casinos shouldn’t be allowed because “they don’t look like Indians to me.”[/li][li]2000: In opposition to a casino proposed by the St. Regis Mohawk tribe, which he saw as a financial threat to his casinos in Atlantic City, Trump secretly ran a series of ads suggesting the tribe had a “record of criminal activity [that] is well documented.”[/li][li]2004: In season two of The Apprentice, Trump fired Kevin Allen, a Black contestant, for being overeducated. “You’re an unbelievably talented guy in terms of education, and you haven’t done anything,” Trump said on the show. “At some point you have to say, ‘That’s enough.’”[/li][li]2005: Trump publicly pitched what was essentially The Apprentice: White People vs. Black People. He said he “wasn’t particularly happy” with the most recent season of his show, so he was considering “an idea that is fairly controversial — creating a team of successful African Americans versus a team of successful whites. Whether people like that idea or not, it is somewhat reflective of our very vicious world.”[/li][li]2010: In 2010, there was a huge national controversy over the “Ground Zero Mosque” — a proposal to build a Muslim community center in Lower Manhattan, near the site of the 9/11 attacks. Trump opposed the project, calling it “insensitive,” and offered to buy out one of the investors in the project. On The Late Show With David Letterman, Trump argued, referring to Muslims, “Well, somebody’s blowing us up. Somebody’s blowing up buildings, and somebody’s doing lots of bad stuff.”[/li][li]2011: Trump played a big role in pushing false rumors that Obama — the country’s first Black president — was not born in the US. He claimed to send investigators to Hawaii to look into Obama’s birth certificate. Obama later released his birth certificate, calling Trump a “carnival barker.” The research has found a strong correlation between birtherism, as the conspiracy theory is called, and racism. But Trump has reportedly continued pushing this conspiracy theory in private.[/li][li]2011: While Trump suggested that Obama wasn’t born in the US, he also argued that maybe Obama wasn’t a good enough student to have gotten into Columbia or Harvard Law School, and demanded Obama release his university transcripts. Trump claimed, “I heard he was a terrible student. Terrible. How does a bad student go to Columbia and then to Harvard?”[/li][/ul]
[SIZE=5]As a candidate and president, Trump has made many more racist comments[/SIZE]
On top of all that history, Trump has repeatedly made racist — often explicitly so — remarks on the campaign trail and as president:

[li]Trump launched his campaign in 2015 by calling Mexican immigrants “rapists” who are “bringing crime” and “bringing drugs” to the US. His campaign was largely built on building a wall to keep these immigrants out of the US.[/li][li]As a candidate in 2015, Trump called for a ban on all Muslims coming into the US. His administration eventually implemented a significantly watered-down version of the policy.[/li][li]When asked at a 2016 Republican debate whether all 1.6 billion Muslims hate the US, Trump said, “I mean a lot of them. I mean a lot of them.”[/li][li]He argued in 2016 that Judge Gonzalo Curiel — who was overseeing the Trump University lawsuit — should recuse himself from the case because of his Mexican heritage and membership in a Latino lawyers association. House Speaker Paul Ryan, who endorsed Trump, later called such comments “the textbook definition of a racist comment.”[/li][li]Trump has been repeatedly slow to condemn white supremacists who endorse him, and he regularly retweeted messages from white supremacists and neo-Nazis during his presidential campaign.[/li][li]He tweeted and later deleted an image that showed Hillary Clinton in front of a pile of money and by a Jewish Star of David that said, “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!” The tweet had some very obvious anti-Semitic imagery, but Trump insisted that the star was a sheriff’s badge, and said his campaign shouldn’t have deleted it.[/li][li]Trump has repeatedly referred to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) as “Pocahontas,” using her controversial — and later walked-back — claims to Native American heritage as a punchline.[/li][li]At the 2016 Republican convention, Trump officially seized the mantle of the “law and order” candidate — an obvious dog whistle playing to white fears of Black crime, even though crime in the US is historically low. His speeches, comments, and executive actions after he took office have continued this line of messaging.[/li][li]In a pitch to Black voters in 2016, Trump said, “You’re living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58 percent of your youth is unemployed. What the hell do you have to lose?”[/li][li]Trump stereotyped a Black reporter at a press conference in February 2017. When April Ryan asked him if he plans to meet and work with the Congressional Black Caucus, he repeatedly asked her to set up the meeting — even as she insisted that she’s “just a reporter.”[/li][li]In the week after white supremacist protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017, Trump repeatedly said that “many sides” and “both sides” were to blame for the violence and chaos that ensued — suggesting that the white supremacist protesters were morally equivalent to counterprotesters who stood against racism. He also said that there were “some very fine people” among the white supremacists. All of this seemed like a dog whistle to white supremacists — and many of them took it as one, with white nationalist Richard Spencer praising Trump for “defending the truth.”[/li][li]Throughout 2017, Trump repeatedly attacked NFL players who, by kneeling or otherwise silently protesting during the national anthem, demonstrated against systemic racism in America.[/li][li]Trump reportedly said in 2017 that people who came to the US from Haiti “all have AIDS,” and he lamented that people who came to the US from Nigeria would never “go back to their huts” once they saw America. The White House denied that Trump ever made these comments.[/li][li]Speaking about immigration in a bipartisan meeting in January 2018, Trump reportedly asked, in reference to Haiti and African countries, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” He then reportedly suggested that the US should take more people from countries like Norway. The implication: Immigrants from predominantly white countries are good, while immigrants from predominantly Black countries are bad.[/li][li]Trump denied making the “shithole” comments, although some senators present at the meeting said they happened. The White House, meanwhile, suggested that the comments, like Trump’s remarks about the NFL protests, will play well to his base. The only connection between Trump’s remarks about the NFL protests and his “shithole” comments is race.[/li][li]Trump mocked Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign, again calling her “Pocahontas” in a 2019 tweet before adding, “See you on the campaign TRAIL, Liz!” The capitalized “TRAIL” is seemingly a reference to the Trail of Tears — a horrific act of ethnic cleansing in the 19th century in which Native Americans were forcibly relocated, causing thousands of deaths.[/li][li]Trump tweeted later that year that several Black and brown members of Congress — Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) — are “from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe” and that they should “go back” to those countries. It’s a common racist trope to say that Black and brown people, particularly immigrants, should go back to their countries of origin. Three of the four members of Congress whom Trump targeted were born in the US.[/li][li]Trump has called the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus the “Chinese virus” and “kung flu.” The World Health Organization advises against linking a virus to any particular region, since it can lead to stigma. Trump’s adviser, Kellyanne Conway, previously described the term “kung flu” as “highly offensive.” Meanwhile, Asian Americans have reported hateful incidents targeting them due to the spread of the coronavirus.[/li][li]Trump suggested that Kamala Harris, who’s Black and South Asian, “doesn’t meet the requirements” to be former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s running mate — yet another example of birtherism.[/li][/ul]

They’re communists. China is loving this, infact their media plays these scenes on a loop. Laughing at the chaos…Soros is also LOL. BLM is going to enforce a communist take over in America, that’s why they are burning private businesses down coz enterprise is forbidden.

To be sincere, America is doomed.

The US is a necessary evil my friend… i can’t imagine a world ruled by racist Chinese
An ideal world is where we have powerful nations to counter-balance influence …

The US, EU, China , India … then the rest of the world.

This CUNT called Trump is deeply racist. But brainwashed house negroes and uncle Toms will Never admit it.

Why are you oblivious of class in white america in your analysis of American politics?

More like hippy upper middle class champagne socialists(whites) burning down property owned by lower middle classes(white).

This is the usual list of crimes posted since 2015. Empty accusations with no proof to back them up.

Before 2015 Trump was a darling to Americans.

He was considered the great philanthropist to the black cause, it’s only after he ran that the noise started but such is life.

These are the usual misquotes by liberal media to drive their narrative.

It’s like if I took a few of the things that you have said @Kennedy Maina about Luos in your Kikuyu language and use it against you in your campaign.

Because I know for a fact @Kennedy Maina that every election year there are things you think and say about the njaruos in your mind and to your close friends. Does that necessarily make you a tribalist?

Same for all the Luos or ODM members of Kenya. They are things they think and say about Kikuyus every single day.

And please don’t stand there @Kennedy Maina and start lying that you have never thought or uttered tribalist or racist words in your lifetime because you would be telling a terrible lie. And your close friends and relatives are witnesses.

For a fact @Kennedy Maina I know that you don’t like white people because you associate them with colonialism and slavery. You probably don’t like Indians, Somalis or Arabs as well. Ama nimedanganya?

You yourself @Kennedy Maina if you ever own rental property I am sure there is a certain tribe that you will not tolerate in your compound. And you will probably say it loudly that you do not want those people in your houses! Si hio ni ukweli @Purple ?

This is the reality of humanity!

@Kennedy Maina you will say that you do not want to see njaruos or people with dreadlocks or people who eat certain foods etc in your premises.

Now @Kennedy Maina if I take the totality of all these things that you have ever said in your life about other Kenyan tribes, races and communities and play it back for you during your election campaign how will you defend yourself???

Same for you @Bottoms , @Abba and @Tony254 if we take all these things you have said on this very website about Kikuyus, Luhyas, Somalis and white people… and we replay it for you during your election campaigns mtaanza kujitetea aje???

Hata Obama mwenyewe there are thousands of things he has said about white people or Mexicans while with close friends. Ni vile tu they have kept their mouths shut during the campaign.

There are things that Obama thinks about his own Luo people that if he said them he’d probably get lynched!

And I’m 100% sure that Obama knows the Kikuyu community intimately and there are thoughts in his mind about this community and how their president treated his father.

That is why he did not visit with his wife and kids during the Presidencies of the Kikuyu tribe!

We know what Obama was trying to say!!! :D:D:D:D

If Raila wins the election in 2022 we know that Obama will attend the inauguration with his whole family!

Na sio siri. That is life!

So @Kennedy Maina please stop giving us lectures about Trump being a racist and yet sisi wote tunajijua jinsi tulivyo!!!

Now he without sin kindly throw the first stone!!!

@Ndindu kwanza wewe najua ni tribalist number moja.

The same way you hate Trump there’s a certain community in your mind that you associate with dog faeces!!

These media people edited the totality of Trump’s statements through the decades and held it against him as some sort of proof.

I wish they would do the same for Obama mngeshangaa.

All the things he has ever said in his life. Akianzia na wakikuyu.

Because Obama does not like Kikuyus. Tuseme ukweli. It is clear as night and day.

Let’s not pretend. Watu wasemage ukweli. If I found Obama talking about “those people” and their presidents I wouldn’t be too shocked or surprised because that is life.

If you found Hillary Clinton describing black people within the confines of her bedroom you’d be very shocked. You just hold it against Trump because he has many enemies who put out any nasty thing he has ever said in his life.