During those years (2012-2019) working with the UN in Lebanon; pussy was a rare commodity in the first 2 years.

That was before we knew of Tagged, Waplog, and Tinder.

Then one horny Ugandan working with UNICEF told us a glorious secret. In Doura and Borj Hammound -(Hassan Nasrallah, the Hizballah is born there)- there are Kenyan and Ethiopian prostitutes. For 50$ we would osha rungu usiku Nzima.

If you want class and exotic lanyes, you go to Jounieh and meet hot Russians, Iranians, and East Europeans. You pay $3000 for a good time…Hio ni ujinga, I shouted.

Months later after eating Kenyans and Ethiopians from the streets; we heard of Tagged. Wacha wanaume tuingie that site na ufujo. We eat kungurus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Weekends were no longer lonely.

I thanked Kenya and Uhuru for paying the UN its monthly dues. Pesa ya wananchi was well spent.

One day, I saw a really hot lady on Tagged. She was Lebanese. After agreeing on the price, I went to meet her at the agreed hotel. This person looked like a lady. Well rounded boops, nice ass, and hips. Lakini sauti was deep.

Aiii I told myself labda alinyimwa sauti. So we go into the room. I give her the cash and mbio mbio I undressed. She didnt want to undress.

This is a shy one… I told myself…but mbona ako tagged I thought again. So after me pressuring her, she removed her miniskirt slowly exposing hot thighs. Then Booom!!!

I almost got a heart attack. The guy was a man,( or woman) with a dick!!! I started complaining even in Swahili and sheng. I asked for my money back. She said no refunds,

I told her I wanted a female. She replied that she was a female but sh with a dick…She said she wanted to try an African sausage in her ass if I was willing…

She didnt finish that sentence…I was already out running to the taxi… I decided to look for a girlfriend after that incident…Here she is in case you are in Lebanon…


Mtaua na kicheko na hizi stori :smiley:

You’ve omitted that moment in time when you ran out … holding your falling trousers … zucchini manenos.

Si upatie hii malaya sugu through pass

Shemales wako sawa. If your mind tells you it’s a woman, then it’s a woman with a really long clit.

Fakd up shait… Backdoor is a one way exit, trans or not!

what part of lebanon were you in? the years you’ve mentioned,they were the “clubbing years in clubbing capital city of the world”

How considerate of you…you kept his/her photo

nigga you gay

I was in Beirut a neighborhood called Achrafieh…Yeah, I always went partying but in Marmikhael…But it is hard to get Arab women…even University students from AUB or LAU

How do you pay $3000 for a Caucasian pussy in a desert?
Hapa nilipo incalls is $150 to 300 max.

$3000 achia wale jamaa wa akina Abdul.


Uli dryfry au?

Kwani hakuna ngamia huko?
Asking for @kush yule mnono

Uncle @uwesmake ageikula with Sweetness en niceness,but damn inakaa poa

If getting turned on by this fine specimen means I’m gey, then so be it


$3000 for pussy is an over kill…

Manze hi ni madharao banae, yani lanye Mmoja wa East Europe of all places at $3000 ni equivalent to 60 lanyes wa mtaa ($50)?

@captain obvious hizo picha si poa