A third of Kenyan children are involved in prostitution

Easy peasy just pay some prostitutes in Kibera na hapo Kenya Cinema then head to coasto and make yourself a documentary on prostitution to shock the world. Came across this while forrowing a rink by @0%_Omera


Didn’t bother to check hope this wasn’t posted before

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ha ha ha ! Some NGOs will say anything for that $$. More than half of Kenya’s population is <18. Millions of Kenyan children are involved in prostitution? This is just Dumb !


Let us not forget also that Africa is a country, Kenya a county and Kibera the capital town. 1/3??


This is what you call pull stats out of your butt…


Waaaa that kukuyu shining eyes prostitute that was given 5k by the Russian journalists is a Fisi… Yaani warussia hawajafika mbali ashawapigia simu ati ameibiwa izo pesa alipewa

Even if it is one child involved,I really hate that.


Absolutely, there’s truth to this documentary. Saa zingine Waafrika hatupendi watu wakitukosoa ie constructive criticism. This issue and drug menace are huge endemic problems affecting the youth living in poor urban and rural areas.


Anyone who has been in some of our coastal tourism areas (Mtwapa, Malindi, Lamu, etc) knows the menace that is child prostitution and wouldn’t dismiss the existence of the problem.


Child prostitution exists we don’t dispute that, but a third of Kenyan children involved?


Kenya’s government has been severely criticised because of its lack of response to the booming sex tourism and child exploitation especially on the Kenyan coast. This booming trade in sex tourism goes on with the Kenyan Tourism Police’s full knowledge. They do not want to discourage the hundreds of thousands of white tourists from coming to Kenya’s coast, regardless of the damage it does to young Kenyans.

Moreover, it’s no secret that most of our leaders are regular clients in these sex dens. Kenya has in fact been ranked as the 7th most popular destination for sex tourism, WORLDWIDE. To date, no single website has been blocked by the government and the rate at which they are growing is alarming.


In short, out of every three young girls you meet, one is a hooker. Maongo maongo kabisa…there is a aproblem yes…but not this dire


kuna site zinaitwa sijui voyeur something bt are very discreet and secretive…some time back before they started charging membership fee i joined as a fake jungu…weuwe zile ideas these jungus are telling each other,utaonea kenya huruma…Many say that if u want easy sex with a minor the best countries to visit are thailand, vietnam and Kenya…ati there the police wamelalia maskio or turn a blind eye,they even share which towns to visit and names of lodgings that allow minors


Its true. Go out there in any sizeable town. Most of those standing outside on the street ate between 15 and 18. A good number pregnant because of the naivety. You wont find them inside clubs. And they are as poor as dirt.


and which towns were those? juu hata mimi nakataa hii theory ya a third

Mtwapa, Malindi, Lamu, Eldoret, Nanyuki etc

Sitaki kutaja gani saana juu inakaa tribal bias. I am not saying a third. That may be exaggeration but may also be true. The great majority of prostitutes are overeighteen especially in places better than tin and paper. lakini tembea zimmer usiku friday/sarturday. Places like nyeri tembea uone watu husimama kwa barabara usiku uniambie kama wengine si underage. If you think adults in their twenties just wake up one day and decide “I am going to become a prostitute”, you are naive. Or you never venture out after 9pm


This is just a lame documentary to keep the NGOs going after the Kenyan government decided to do away with Daadab camp. Man must get a way of seeking empathy to ensure their survival … Soon you will start seeing the culmination of anti-prostitution NGOs in the name of rehabilitation and they are the very organisations who will be feasting and spreading prostitution in the name of humanitarian aid!

During my tenure in Coast Province I experienced a scenario whereby two humanitarian odieros came with an underage girl they must have been sponsoring (seemed to me she was of Chonyi origin). One of them went with the girl to the rooms after what seemed like ages of banging, he came with her to the bar and then the second one went off to get blown too! This really disgusted the people with whom I was congregating with prompting them to reprimand the management to which they explained that they did not hold any moral capability as they had seen many of these cases. I felt sorry to the African child.

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Prostitutes infested joints like Casa Blanca Mombasa are full of under age prostitutes who make the place to stink as hell since they do not even know how to take a shower. Something must however be done for these communities such as basic education, creation of employment etc.

exaggerated but the Kenyan coast is a pedophile tourist’s heaven no denying that


Since we accepted a collectivist society, it will be a thousand years before that is cleaned up. We accepted “each for all” instead of “all for each” We accepted what politicians say, “No one is important but the country”. So anyone can be sacrificed as long as the nation stands.