A theory.

Ruto and Gideon Moi are allies.The whole fiasco involving them is being orchestraded by none other than Daniel Arap Moi.

The basic idea is to imprint on the common mwananchi’s head that these are the two guys in the power struggle.To put into everyone’s head that they are the ones fighting for the top position and observing the noise in social media it seems to be working efficiently.

Remember previously it has been about Uhuru and Raila.The old man is basically shifting the next political narrative to be about Ruto and Gideon. Probably 6 months to the election Ruto and Gideon will form a coalition where they become president and vice president respectively.


DP ni Matiangi or Ms Babes aka Minji Minji

Kenya is too tribal for both seats to be held by one community iyo yao itakuwa loosing ticket

Even as a long shot that theory is too wild.
Yes, he was once the professor of politics but old age and associated illness leaves him not the political giraffe he used to be.

I am predicting they will be on the same side of the fence once the race is finished.

Ruto gains nothing frrom gideon

Offside kiasi, but what did Jubilee gain from the handshake?

They can now loot the country dry with little noise being heard.
There’s peace to loot.

You’re absolutely right

Uhuru is going to academia after retirement :D:D:D

Ouru can’t wait to go have his cold one in peace. He will not even talk about politics after 2022!

Good thinking. Matiang’i not minji minji. From Ruto, that seat should go to Matiang’i then to a Luhya>Luo>Kamba>Mijikenda>Maasai…and so on and so forth.
This thing needs to get out of the big tribes!