A tale of Moses Kuria

I suppose you think its soo “tormenting”…lol. Who needs other tribes…ni wa kazi gani?Especially that tribe.Haisaidii hii Kenya,kazi yao tu ni hasara.Not development,not sports, everything hasara tu.doesnt add value to this our Kenya

Campaign againist him coz you thought Gatundus voter were in klost??? SMH

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Hehehehe…huyu akai kuwa na feelings!

If Kenya were to be one tribe fragmentation would result in other trines pal. Utasikia Wanyeri wamempigia fulani kura na Wengine e.g Wamurang’a…All in all fucked up shit. We are never one.

Hehehe. Atapelekwa kortini, he’ll have to spend money on lawyers etc etc. Even if he has connections, kuna mmoja atachoka kubail the guy out. Ivo tu. Mdogo mdogo.

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Rumour has it that this guy will face Kabogo in 2017 for gubernatorial seat. Mark my words - this guy will take it.
Whether vocal or not, this guy has awaken Gatundu. Power is connected with as low as at 1k, roads in Gatundu are now smoother, Mama Wambui can now reach market to sell her produce easily, and many Gatundu youths are in SGR project and others in NYS, this guy has tried.
Talk ill of Kuria to a Gatundu mama whose son was the village drunk and now is working with SGR or is in NYS, just tell me if she wont use that panga on you.

Then we should try to be one. If you’re smart enough to see this, apply it to your life. Be the one who says ‘NO’ to the one trying to create division.

Ukiongeza Baba yao kwa mix? Githeri ya siasa pap!

Was completely unaware of this.


Am not divisive.

Reminds me of Al Capone.

Huyu(pepopunda) sarcasm yake was lost on people and his delivery was terrible.

hii nyangau apa imeambia his illetrate friends to maim jangos indirectly…what tha hell kind of people are these … seriously.Na wakikuyu watamtetea ati he dint mean it like that.these people killed jangos in post election violence live live

“boosting” please usikatekate engrich

Indifference to Extremism is Extremism since it allows Extremism to flourish unchecked. This guy behaves like ISIS.

Say what??? Hapa Kuna watu who openly talk bad and even insult (go through thread and you ill see alot of vitriol directed at one tribe- the tribe Moses Kuria comes from) and it has almost become acceptable for everyone to speak ill and bash that tribe and if a member ever from that tribe ever speaks something ill, it is magnified like what we are seeing here. Moses is our Hero , the man with iron balls - the sayer of the truth or what is spoken in hush. Let them not touch MOses… Let them first deal with the Kalonzos and Wetangulas who are very derogatory and insultive and the many other idiot ordomorons befere even thinking of Moses. If they dare focus on him then it is very biased.
Same way admin caanot pupport to equator me for saying a certain tribe is useless and does not add value to Kenya.(Their only value is noise, and destroying achievements and projects) Why? Because, very many fools in this village have talked ill on this threaad alo0ne alluding to Moses’ tribe unless admnin anatuweka equator sote. No discrimination.
Soldier on Moses. Gatundu you will still go unopposed na kama ni governor - ni yako pia.


This whole time, I thought you were being sarcastic with your comments kumbe ni ujinga ulikuwa unatandaza barabarani ndio ikauke?!

My bad. Endelea.

P.s Take up your quarrels with admin privately.


He is a loose canon yes, but he’s the perfect antidote for the other uncouth baboons in the opposition, the likes of Muthama and Khalwale . There are no manners in Kenyan politics, no matter which side you’re leaning towards.