A sure way of having a heart attack and other heart related alignment.

bitter emotions for what ?


Won’t call it bitterness since this guys are known to use all manner of theatric to camouflage and by large extent that explains why they always find new ways to voters’ heart instead of heads, but i admire the dude resolve to stick to what he ‘believe’ in as unpopular as it might be.

History might be fair to him if the trajectory remain consistent

Jamaa anabeba Kenya yote kwa mgongo. Atakufa na Depression ama atalishwa mbegu na deep state

Theatrics pekee. No harm done. No one ever died mid-outburst - they die quietly at funerals & in shareholder meetings where imminent collapse of institutions they’ve sunk millions into becomes apparent…or when they discover kids they raised ni burukenge za wengine…sheet like that gives you an arrest. Payuka ni mzuri, let’s it all off.

Even if there is some theatrics, I think Murkomen is on the right side of the nation’s pulse on this matter. If senators can be manhandled at gunpoint by DCI over their stand on a revenue bill, our country is on a slippery slope.

There comes a time when a man has to stand up for what is right. He has the platform on the senate floor. It is disappointing that “men” like Orengo have discarded principle over the false belief that babu will be president.