A Stupid Nightmare

Any fortune tellers in the house? What’s the meaning of this?

It is morning. I am in my cousin’s apartment. I visited her, and somehow, I didn’t go home. She is just getting out to go to the office and she comes carrying her handbag to the sitting room where I spent the night on the sofa. She asks me to escort her to the stairs. Now her hous appears strangely built. It is like an office building, with a tinted swinging glass door. I get up from the sofa and I’m escorting her out. As we exit the room, we pass by the dining table, where a lady in a long red sweater is sitting helping her daughter with homework. Her seat is almost blocking the way. She is slim and light, with streaks of golden dye in her hair, which is pulled to the back of her head and tied in a bun. Her sweater is one of those long one, perforated at the cuff and the helm, that come down to the upper thigh, and it has a loose, buckleless belt, undone. That’s all I can see as we pass them. I recognize her as a famous tv anchor, A.K. She stands and pulls her seat forward to let us pass through the door. She doesn’t know me, and l can’t explain her presence in my cousin’s dining room either. I say ‘hi’ just in passing.
Out in the passage–this is actually on a high floor in an office building–we meet a throng of people walking briskly, as people do in a busy street. I notice a terrace restaurant to the right. I say bye to my cousin at the stairs, then turn to head back to the apartment. But on the way back, I’m meeting all these strangers who keep staring at me and looking back when I pass them. I then become aware that I am walking in the middle, running smack into people, and not giving way. (This is wierd, I never do that).Then it hits me: I’m dressed only in my boxers!
How did that happen–to walk out undressed, and with my cousin? I can’t tell. How come she didn’t tell me? Perhaps this is how people lose their minds, you don’t see what everyone else sees?!
I’m thinking all this as I frantically try to find my way back to the apartment to get dressed. But now I can’t find the damn door. I just can’t. I’m lost.

As I walk around, I’m sweating in fear, yet it is a cold morning. I have this wierd feeling that these people know me, a common madman, yet they are strangers. I know I’m just a naked frightened man, not a mad one! The wall is curved, and I eventually find myself next to the terrace. I come across a security guard leaning against one of the pillars next to the restaurant. I explain my predicament. Apparently, she gives me a dark brown jacket to wear–it seems to appear magically on me, I don’t remember her giving me the jacket. I just become aware that that is what I’m now wearing and she is leading me through the crowd of people to Apartment no. 6, which I can see out in the distant wall written in gold. She claims that is where my cousin lives. But it doesn’t seem true–how come I just came from there yet I could not see it? Another thought crosses my mind, she’s a smallish woman, like A.K., why are the sleeves of her jacket so long? I can’t see my hands, they are hidden in the sleeves as I try to hold them up. In my current mental state, I “know” 6 is not a good number. But I don’t know why. I actually feel scared of the door with the gold lettering.
We never reach that apartment, because–I’m suddenly awake.
I am in bed at home, and it is morning.

Nefarious supressed underlying sexual thoughts of shagging a kin …no doubt

It is just a dream.
I like your description of things, good writing

Hi this teaching will help you. What people do not know is that life is spiritual…there is alot i can tell you about that dream but you need to watch the video i will paste here to get understanding of why we even dream and the consequences of such dreams. Dreaming of being naked or semi-naked means shame and disgrace… that the spiritual world is setting you up for a situation where you will be greatly ashamed… that jacket you agreed to put on is also an issue, its not yours, truth is it belongs to the characters in the dream who are normaly evil spirits masquerading as people you know or you do not know… so if you took something from an evil spirit, it means that you established a covenant with the owner of that jacket and that spirit owns u. It can manipulate areas of your life, for example if it is a spirit of sexual perversion eg homosexuality, u might start having unclean thoughts about the opposite sex, if it is a spirit of sickness, u might start getting sick, if it is a spirit of poverty, u will start experiencing lack for no apparent reason e.t.c… anyway watch this and if u have any question, u may inbox me as i know alooot about dreams coz i used to dream alot but once you understand why and the consequences, you can shut them down through prayer.

No such urges

mimi niliwahi skia some preacher say dreams zenye you are having sex with some strange characters humaanisha you are being initiated into some demonic cult,so maybe that cousin of yours just initiated you,you had sex with the other woman,and who is the kid?if you got kids maybe it means they are now growing up learning cultic things…they will maybe chose to be gay


Thank you for your insights. I will take heed.

Man, hii hapana. I don’t take any poisons

Maybe it’s just a dream from watching strange movies and they replicate in your mind when you sleep…ama uyo cousin yako ama wazazi wake wamekwendea Tanga ama kwa wachawi wa Talai…kitaeleweka soon in your life…you will tanga tanga with no luck in anything whatsoever…kuna mganga fake we schooled with him way back aliniambia hii covid 19 ameunda doo mbaya… people are thronging kwake especially asubuhi mapema na usiku

Hehehe, huyo mganga atakufa tu na madawa zake. Anaweza tibu kifo chake?
Thought not.
My cousin is in fact a serious Christian, and we’ve always been great friends, like bro and sis, nothing improper.

:D:D:D:D:D:Dinaponya cofid?

Becoming mortified at the realization that you are naked in a public place may reflect your fear of being exposed and feelings of shame. You may be hiding something and are afraid that others can see right through you. Hence, you dream of yourself naked!

Thank you