A Stroke of Genius in Advertisement!




I thought it’s something to do with Naswa. Why are you surprising me today?

Since you lack things to do, lemme give you some assignment: Go to Google translate and try to get the correct translation of meatballs. Once you find it, click on the indicated area to find the correct pronunciation of the translation. Sandi mwami.


Ruffneck of late umekuwa ukipost umama mingi sana . Enda bokoli upige kura polepole ndio urudi ukishameza busaa ya kutosha

Pole Ugwes, I am very straight. Kama umekuwa unkinifuatafuata hivyo ndio uone kama naweza unga hicho kikundi chako cha wasenge na wasagaji, umeambulia patupu. Huku ni ngumi ya mapua utatoka nayo ukinisongea karibu.

That’s a smart way to advertise…it just get the greed of every human species.

@Ruffneck, by the way I’ve noticed you are not very rabidly pro-Babuon. That’s good.

Now, with this ad. Could be clever but could backfire. Yaani you think you are getting some cash then you see its crap. Si you get annoyed?

Truly genius!

Ata mimi nimeona amewacha kukanyagia sana

Very genius nimepata idea

I doubt anyone would get annoyed because of the cheek in trying to grab their attention! Unless… Anyways, this gets someone’s attention very fast and soon, it is the talk of town. Then everyone tries to try and see what this “money” is all about and blam, the product becomes a household name. That is the basic intention of that advert.