A storm is brewing

We have hit a new public debt record;

Na mnasema ati muko mbaiya saidi saa hii? Ngojeeni by mid 2020 mtaitana

Parte after parte after parte!

Tuko tu Sawa

Kumbuka Raila ndio muguruki


A man immolated himself kwa soko country flani what followed was a revolution

Bread price was hiked by 6 in another country results ilikua ni revolution

WhatsApp got taxed kwa country ingine just the other day sasa hakukaliki

We’re a resilient people

hata wacha ifike 26 trillion. Kwani iko nini.

Kenyans are abnormally docile. Kwanza the Bantu tribes are a big letdown. Afadhali wajaluo na Pokot.

ODM teamed up with Jubilee to raise the debt ceiling to Kshs 9,000,000,000,000
:D:D at this time we can only laugh at the situation.

Si wajaribu kusema no more brews na slices waone Watu waki strike

I agree with you, being a Bantu, I can bet that a revolution is not happening soon… and that is why they pocketed RAO who is a well-known god to the most ferocious rights defenders… now they can screw all the remaining holes and nothing will happen… not any time soon!!

Who fought for independence? Who fought for multiparty politics to be reinstated?

Achana na mukamba mujinga @ChifuMbitika he thinks all bantus are like beardless kamba men who only think of tyres and yellow shirts. Kitaeleweka soon!

Kambas have never resisted anything in the history of Kenya.

And just like that… The main reason why there can never be uprising in Kenya creeps in. We have a long way to go as a generation.

Whereas he has facts that we should not ignore, that is also the same reason we’ll never unite to resist any oppression, because we are seriously divided along tribal lines… and even the Kikuyus and other GEMA guys who sacrificed so much in the fight for independence we promptly betrayed by Jomo and therefore no motivation to resist anything… trust me, we are fucked up kabisa!!!

Like now, I have just driven around Ridgeways and saw several Kanjo parking attendants there soon you will be charged for parking in the gated estates whether the kanjo services exist or not… we are just fucked up!!

Even in dusty muddy road you pay parking fee provided it is a shopping center. Devolution manenos

We are always on our own


But things have changed

The dynamics in .ke are different, every hustler from the rural centers, to the city in the sun, consider themselves as 'business people '.
This makes the so called middle class anti revolutionary, they see any disturbances as an interruption to profit flow, and a barrier on their way of becoming billionaires .