A Sneak Peek Into the Twisted Mind of a MGTOW



This obvious. men who mostly consume pussy on the computer screen, men jealous of the females(gay), derailed wild females who have rejected submission and lead disastrous lives full of hatred for men, women who try to have everything in vain, men who consistently make laws against themselves and the society in general.

Shait, the narrator must be a villager, hio description ni @patco na @Tom Bayeye

There is no difference between modern day feminists and MGTOW-ists.

They think their jobs are to put the other gender down and, all the while, they do nothing to help those in either gender who actually need all the noise they make as feminists or MGTOW-ists.

It’s all about “we hate you and here’s the reason why …”

They’d be completely useless if not for the fact that they at least provide great fodder for comedy.

My penis is big.

Feminists fight. MGTOWs don’t want any of the blood on them, so they just fvck off. They see absolutely no reason for fighting back. Very Nietzche-esque method of impeding doom, really.

Correction, neutral genders are also agitating, the next 20 years will be very weird. If AI doesn’t destroy us, civilization will probably revert to the stone age.

AI won’t pose a theat. A least not directly. We already proved that when Microsoft released theirs. Also Japan.

Hapo pa LGBTQOMGBBQMMAWTF+ I agree completely.

No, sorry for the wrong wording. There are 3 levels of AI. We are currently at the first which is Artificial specific intelligence. Then there’s Artificial General or Human Intelligence. And finally Artificial Super intelligence. Software like Siri and Alexa are the first kind. When we get to the 2nd part and we will, then we will be in trouble.