A Smoke Only Snoop And Sonko Have Had!!!!

Kinda reminds me of Ludacris’ master piece “ROLL OUT”–1:10 to 1:20 at the bottom…apparently the roll out is a euphemism for "rolling ganja"!!
=>After puffing on Jamaica’s finest Ganja with red hairs, SNOOP DOG had an impressive EPIPHANY that had him adopt the SNOOP LION moniker!
So brutal was the hang over its effects still reverberate to this day; and this incontrovertibly evinced by Snoop releasing a Gospel Album!!!

=> Upon an analogue not unlike Snoop’s Chronic tale, SONKO smoked the same top grade “Chronic”; with the aftermath punctuated by Sonko’s hallucinatory stretches as a politician in a VAT; so impactive it won him a Senatorial, and ultimately the cherished Gubernatorial Office! sure enough, having decisively edged out Lucifer’s Chief Of Protocol, Bwana Evans Kidero, of course all this courtesy of the finest Chronic; and to add icing on the cake, Sonko was sure to spruce up his evening party with Luda’s Roll Out as the “kifungua dance floor” song; a song that defines Sonko and that Sonko defines; an auspicious song to crown an elegant wedding ceremony!!!
Both men revealed the secret of their smoking prowess as spectacular as the resultant effects; one virtually all Rastafari adherents click with immediately, contrary to all others!
Buju and the Marley Brothers lied it out crystal clear…



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Lexical Sudoku…chemsha bongo!!!

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:D:D:D:D:D:D bangi iwe huru.hii kijana imefuruta ile isio ya halali