A small kanyamo...

There are things that strike shamelessly when least expected. Theres an incident that happened years back as I was still wearing out shoes via tarmacking.
In the Rift valley, maize is usually harvested from Nov to Dec. Given the size of the farms, this activity is usually done collectively.
So on this day, we found ourselves engaging in our collective share harvesting. It was about noon and the sun was up. The shamba was bushy and everyone was busy given that we had to finish the work that very day.
As we were harvesting we heard a loud feminine scream from a lady by the name of (lets call her Kui). We all looked in her direction only to see her trying to remove her clothes and screaming “Ngaiiii, mutindeithie. Ndarumuo ni kanyamu”! She was also trying to rip out her ngotha. Indeed, she was behaving possessed.
The fisis were trying to position themselves strategically trying to see the ladys areas that were usually covered under lock and key (Ngotha).
The other ladies surrounding her quickly covered her with lessos and allowed her to do her thing and after about some ten minutes things were back to normal.
As we realised later, this lady was working on an area colonized by safari ants. These ants were not amused by the disturbance and planned their attack stealthily. As anyone who has encountered them will tell you, these small “tunyamus” creep silently and when they reach the scr*tum or p8ssy lips, they engage their jaws and nothing in this world will stop you from removing your clothes trying to get the “tunyamus” out.
These “tunyamus” are shameless and apana tambua who you are or where you are.


A kanyamu or kanyamu is only reserved for the kanyamu, pana ita siafu hivo


sasa engineer na niliexpect kusoma heka ya ukishindwa kupenya kumbe ni ka dudu tu…:frowning:



That’s for another day.

How do you pronounce your handle and what prompted you to go for it.


wewe leta heka wacha ma-trailer…


pics or it neva happened



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Niliamka late dawns so in the process of kuhepa depa ran and hid bejind the loos waiting for him aende kumbe nilisimama ju ya hizo micro Alshabab. Ngoja watume seals wao stealth mode kunipanda while mimi sijui. Depa akasonga kidogo nikakimbia na kujificha nyuma ya classes took some route huko and got to my class. Kufungua tu mlango hivi ni kama Commander signaled the seals to attack. Nilitoka class mbio ni kama had seen the devil in class leaving guys with puzzled looks. nikande nyuma ya class. had to take off every piece of clothing. Thank goodness ilikuwa 4am lakini mtu angenipata hapo ningeshukiwa kuwa Mundu Mulosi. shook the clothes huko nje for like 10 mins na kupluck zile zilikwama kwa mwili.
never told guys what made me run juu ningesema zile mchongoano na matusi ningepata na vile had savages for classmates.
[SIZE=1]@introvert usichore hii cartoon ama nakupiga mstari[/SIZE]



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I will be very subtle…

4am Preps…na bado uliamka late!o_O

zikifikanga headquaters ndio hua zinalaunch attack ingine ya ajab

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That chic, kwani alikuwa amevaa shorts kama ngotha?
Panties nomarly circle tightly around the upper thigh.

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The fisis were trying to position themselves strategically trying to see the ladys areas that were usually covered under lock and key (Ngotha).

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Siafu na uji mwoto, moto ya kuotea mbali. And why do those devils visit during the night?

Na ngotha je?

Tena bila warning!