A short trip to Nanyuki

Niaje wadau, nataka advice please.I feel like getting out of Nairobi this weekend with a trip to Nanyuki.The SGR is fully booked and that makes Mombasa impossible now.What advice do you guys have? Apart from Ol Pejeta, what are the other cool spots to visit?Any relaxing and scenic places to just sit and enjoy the environment.Also, how is night life there?I am looking for cool clubbing spots that is close to or like the joints in Westlands.I also want to visit the nearby towns so tips on any cool places in those areas are welcome.

Check out Batiansview.com if you are into getting in touch with nature last time was there wished i stayed more … Chance to try out the high ropes and ziplining if you are an adrenaline junkie … A bit far from Nanyuki town itself also …kwa clubs angalia morani lounge

You can hike to Old moses camp in the mt kenya moorlands using the sirimon route

Which means are you taking to Nanyuki,? Tumia MGR for a test alafu ulete hekaya

I’ve been to Bantu Lodge and if your aim is relaxation I recommend it fully. It is best enjoyed in the company of a woman, though. There’s a nice, clean, cold stream flowing through. There are colobus Monkeys roaming about. Some beautiful birds. Indigenous trees and wonderful greenery all around. And they cater for all budgets. You can camp for 1000 a night. You can have a basic room for 3000 a night. You can have a deluxe room for 9000 a night or you can have a complete hotel suite, I dunno for how much though. You can self cater, you can full board. During the day you can roam about the foots of Mount Kenya and just enjoy its magnificence.

Halafu, @admin, this is the sort of threads to pin, for posterity.

Falcon Heights
Comfort gardens
Tafaria is on the way

The list is endless.

That train moves at 20km/hr with passenger coaches any museum would envy.

Hapa umedanganya

Usikulane huko lakini, ukimwi ni mob sana

around mount kenya kuna place inaitwa tAFARIA castle on your way to nyahururu from Nanyuki. Jaribu hio… Dont forget to carry a brod



Sorry Hii iko nyahuru route hehee,
Apitie hapo akienda panari basi

also visit Naromoru river lodge, iko hapo before Nanyuki a place called NaroMoru… is best enjoyed with a brod on your side


Huko ni wapi sasa??

this is Naromoru safari club very fun place though i havent been there in 10 yrs


ni castle forest lodge nilikuwa nayo kwa akili



Rise up early, go past Marua and enjoy breakfast at Bradegates Resort, Proceed to Narumoro and enjoy scenery and lunch at Bantu Lodge and finally land in Nanyuki and find a good lodging and drink your favourite alcohol at Moran lounge. Make sure you have a partner