A senior journalist

…a senior editor to a national paper with privilage to intrude our living rooms asubuhi:eek:

you now know what decisions to expect from his desk…


how do they rise to such position on such critic?

shida tupu

but it is impossible to have an impartial media house humans are political animals, even in the US and UK they pursue different agendas

Ohito huwa hivyo, na si alikuwa demoted na akatumwa Kisumu, kwani amerudi?

…even without political goggles thats a shallow argument for some one of his stature and experience.

21 uninterrupted editorial years then Una argue hivi? The MIT must be scratching his small scrotum with lafta

[ATTACH=full]48089[/ATTACH] how is covering babuon for 21yrs an achievement? His life must really suck,

Ånd he came to the studio in tow whith his studiet!

I don’t see you people making a fuss when other journalists kiss government ass. Live and let live.

hehe…they guy is bitter about ababu.

He is on babu’s payroll.