A Semen question

I ask this having weighted that y’all ain’t arabs…

Whenever I nut in a woman, one says eti my semen inamwasha washa

Another, she can feel it uncomfortably moving

Have you been told the same? Is this normal?

Hizi swali uliza wanawake wenzako.

Kwani inawaterrorize? Ama iko skinny inawagwara

Check the pH.

You have boney semen, yani umekonda hadi njoti zinatoa mifupa. Plus they are full of mogoka. The mogoka juices make it into the bloodstream and your nasty balls



Like the semen ph can be wrong?

So I have been having gonorrhea for years without knowing

Msee your name is Scrotum to begin with, then you chew on a concoction of lethals all day while drooling on single mothers. Ata wewe how do you expect any part of your body to function properly, ata damu yako najua ni makojoo tupu. Bingwa okoka wewe.


Semen ikiwasha mwanamke, often iko na trichomonas. Wanaume mara nyingi hawasikiangi athara za trichomoniasis. Ikiwa kwa prostate huwezi itoa na one dose of an azole. You may need to treat for a week. Usually no tests are done, the doctor just gives empirical treatment. Sometimes to confirm diagnosis, one may get prostate massage to obtain urethral sample for wet prep microscopy. If trichomoniasis is diagnosed I would recommend satranidazole 300mg bd for 10 days.


https://images7.memedroid.com/images/UPLOADED758/5ccc7f8f9da33.jpegyaani tichonisomisosiasis haina syptoms kwa men?
na chlamydia haina symptoms kwa women?

Kama inawasha kuma ya mwanamuke ivo then utawai zaa kweli?

You eat leaves like a goat and you expect what? So that is the reason you are single at 50? Shame on you @Bingwa Scrotum

Wewe niwache ama nitakuchukulisha loan

Sperm allergy can happen the first time you have sex, but it doesn’t always. Sometimes it can happen for the first time when you have sex with a new partner, or even suddenly during a long-term relationship.
Symptoms of a sperm allergy, such as itching, discomfort and swelling, can be triggered by skin contact with sperm, as well as sex. Reactions usually start about 10 to 30 minutes after contact and may also spread throughout the body.

Yaani Bingwa Scrotum unatombanga masingle matha kavu kavu bila kondomu?umenishtua saana na hii baridi

Try a woman with a clit woriah and you will never look back.

:D:D:D Hii ndio talkers hapa huita kusalimiana?