A sad day for Michael Jordan's family

Michael Jordan’s son is now dating Michael’s close former teammate Scottie Pippen’s Ex wife, Larsa Pippen. She is 48, he is 32.


Dating not marrying…sindio? Wacha hio ndume imumunye hio stuff.

Si mbaya ya kukula but you may end up hearing the guy has married her

United States of Gomorrah news. Huyu kijana anafaa kulaaniwa vikali pamoja na viboko mia mbili angekua hapa Africa. But America anaeza ingiza basketball kwa mkia na wampigie makofi ati he was born like that and should be respected.

Mbitika leo ni Sunday so umama is allowed. Nikae wapi?

Nkt! Hawa watu wawili wana ujinga sana. Nini inawasumbua? Of all the women in 50 states, he had to go for the ex-wife of his dad’s former teammate? What nonsense.

Kama huo Dem angekua Kenyan. After omwami amwage dem angesema baaas baba baaaaaas

Wanaume na ubwege. Shida iko wapi pahali mwanaume anaingiza mboro? Can’t people just live their own lives no matter how miserable it is instead kuingilia wanaume wenzao. I hate this village na umama yake saa zingine. Thank Odin the beech wasn’t 80 ama thread ingefika shamakhokho

Wacha ujinga. Former teammate aliweka signature kwa hio kuma? The motto has always been We Eat the Eaten. It is never yours but rather your turn. By the way, is it your dick that he is using to drill the nyanye ndio ucatch hivyo?

Heshima, Tom. Your dad is family. You complicate his life if you go picking women from his social and professional circles, and start making them part of your life. How is he supposed to relate to her when, say, he invites you home for Thanksgiving dinner, and you bring along your older date–his colleague’s ex-wife? He has probably heard a few things about her already. That awkwardness is the problem.

Sometimes life is very unfair.
Michael Jordan took the limelight and the money away from Scottie Pippen .(A very humble, harmless and very hardworking guy IMO.).
Watch The Last Dance on Netflix…
Michael is a bad boy but life seems to favour him always.

He looks 48, she looks 32.

Senator, I respectfully disagree. Scottie naively signed a long-term contract (7 years at $2.7Million per year) which effectively capped his earnings during his prime years. He effectively sabotaged himself.


Hii ni tabia ya the bold and the beautiful Tu.

Why are you making the assumptions that your conservatism and localised values apply to people who invite geh relatives to their parties and get together? They live in very liberal societies so what might appear abhorrent to you isn’t to them.

Siri! Play ‘Same hoes’ by Rick Ross.

Most of this women dating athletes ukuwa groupies & full time industry bitches/ hoes

She is a trophy wife. KAZI yake ni kukulwa na kubaki msupa and nothing more

Hehe, naona wewe ni mhenga.

Pippens son plays for the Lakers na saa hii team mate yake anaitwa Malik alikuwa anadate huyo larsa pippen