A risky solution to a problem!!



HE Should be shot, kesi baadaye.
i wonder how many mirrions was allocated?

hio ni kuharibia gavana jina by opponents


Wonders my friend, so, how much did this state of the art Roundabout cost ?

We have been marginalized as a community.

Niliona leo baba Lubita akikagua gwaride huko kisumu ciity katika sherehe ya wafanyikazi. Alikuwa ambaatani na utaratibu, at one time he saluted and bade bye :D:D

That’s a roundabout?

Must be just tens of millions… You know it depends with the contractor

In litein town they built one with tyres.

Joke of the century


But these governors are joke.
I saw a mud office built by Oparanya in Kakamega and he has no shame at all proudly writing on it ‘Built by the County Government of Kakamega’.

Kenya is in for a rude shock. Hakuna mahali tunaenda. Politics has divided us so badly, that is has left us with only a small space to breath.
We can all see that our resources are being squandered, but all we do is murmur while placing our hands over our mouths.
Something must give, we can’t continue like rhis.

Karibu na wapi exactly?


Atleast aongeze mkokoteni mbirri za hardcore

Izi nugu zimezoea watu … its simple as buying precast kerbs and fixing them on the circumference of the roundabout. Iyo job haiwezi maliza 70k.

They berra start demonstrating,tf is that :D:D:D…

…and planting a few flowers in the ensuing island:D:D:D:D:D:D