A retired Jaluo MGTOW Dishing out advice: Michael Okwiri

[SIZE=6]Michael Okwiri: Senior bachelor with bad boy persona[/SIZE]
Starting his rodeo as a marketing analyst at Marshalls East Africa before joining Coca-Cola where he was head-hunted to quench the thirst of Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) as the head of marketing.

Kenya Airways soon followed before Airtel came calling where until recently, he served as vice president of corporate communications and corporate social responsibility.

Beyond the mementoes and memories, the joie de vivre and mischievous twinkle lies a man acutely aware of his mortality, he talks like he could just have walked out of a Franz Kafka novel.

His inquiries linger in the air, like warm mist after a rainy August afternoon. Sitting, then standing about five times—or was it six? — he lays it all on the line, some on the record, others off the record (you should have been there); his willingness to be embarrassing and abrasive edging into a kind of vulnerability.

This is the heart of his appeal. Some might call him a gentleman of leisure others a secular saint, but what he is, is a storyteller. Ah yes, I remember. It was six. He stood up six times.

[SIZE=5]The dating scene is a madhouse. How do you remain sane as a senior bachelor?[/SIZE]
My physical routine. I make sure I go to the gym, and I have a personal trainer who charges me for being late. Every weekday, for the last four years I am at the gym at 5 pm—I am no morning guy.

Weirdly, I am getting a lot more done now in three hours a day than ever before in my life. There are people I know who have accumulated money over time and don’t have the traditional 9 to 5.

Someone would call you for a lunch meeting which deteriorates into other things! And this is every day. I can’t drink every day—so any meeting I have has to be after my gym session.

[SIZE=5]What’s the dumbest thing you’ve bought?[/SIZE]
The Maybach. It’s not practical. I basically only use it to show off, when going to a wedding, or when people borrow it.

It’s good to have and not use it than to want to use it and not have it…I agree. But I went on a spree, I bought this, then I bought a Porsche, I bought another Mercedes and a VW and three bikes.

Now, the Triumph Rocket III has fluttered its eyelashes and caught my eye. It has the looks, a 1800CC engine, and my heart. That’s my next dumb decision.

[SIZE=5]Do you have any children?[/SIZE]
Not that I know of. Unfortunately.

[SIZE=5]Ugali and eggs are the quintessential bachelor meal. Are you a happy man?[/SIZE]
I’ll say I have a lucky life and I am grateful for it. When I get up in the morning, I think whoop! What’s going to happen today? I am not comfortable—I need to make more money, do more things.

But not work too hard and focus on me right now. Honestly, I got like 10 healthy years to go. It’s subconscious.

Memento mori. I got to make the most of those years, somehow. Because when you go, you stay gone.

I think you are more honest about your relationships, especially if you don’t need somebody to look after you, it causes me moments of anxiety.

[SIZE=5]What did you know then that has helped you now?[/SIZE]
Connections. Make friends because your luck revolves around who you know. And the right friends too.

Cultivate your circle of associates and friends and respect them—and whenever opportunities come up, they will drift toward you.

read more here Michael Okwiri: Senior bachelor with bad boy persona - Business Daily ama namna gani @Yuletapeli :D:D:D

To me this is not the dumbest thing but a man’s bravado must be felt …apana kaa na baridi

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Triumph Rocket III ! The man has a taste for the extremes.

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very weird especially when there is a a Diavel

@poyoloko jaluo foreskin lover nenda uchunishwe sukuma uwachiwe inheritance kama young wife uwache kuteseka hapo khwisero

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Exactly, but may be he is after the CCs, and turning heads.

So whats wrong with this beautiful picture of smiling african mothers?
You need help kama kudunga kidole kwa mkundu ukiongoa jiggers polepole ndio hobby utachizi

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wewe ndiye umechelewa kwenda kuteka maji kwa kisima uoshe skid marks kwa mothers union na kamisi

Hapa sawa

Hio last statement ni kali.He regrets being a MGTOW, not having a wife and children.


[SIZE=5]Any regrets?[/SIZE]
I could have managed some family relations better than I did. I wish I could have fostered some family relationships a lot better.

Kwani tunasoma vitu different mkubwa

Lanes, lanes

Soma the full article via the link not what is pasted up there.

Degree muhimu sana

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kwanini asisome what was posted here, si pia ni part of the article

Huyu amegula the “highflying” wiminz ya kanairo vibaya sana.

Senior bachelor. A polite way of saying you are gaaay



I can never regret a decision I made when I was sober. Never. The decision I can regret is that which I made when I was drunk, under pressure, under stress or one I made when I was under a threat.