A Real President-compare and contrast with African Buffoons

Swiss President Alain Berset reading his notes on the pavement in New York City during the UN General Assembly. Shame on the African Buffoons.

Probably researching on new ways to help African buffoon presidents hide their loot.

African ni maumbwa taka taka kwanza Gathecha ni meffi.Anafikiria ataendelea kutawala through backdoor. Anachocha MPs for a referendum ndio arudi kama Prime minister.Lakini akumbuke tuko na ile dawa tulimpea 2002. It will bitter pill to swallow.
#team gukomagukoma. Haturauki tena.

My fren , ngojea 2022 ujue wakenya ni sampuli gani.

The African buffoons should also sit on the pavement like the white masta.
Masta is always right to uncle Tom’s

Jubilee supporters in mashimani[ATTACH=full]197976[/ATTACH]

But you do understand with a huge pot belly after eating ukiketi hivyo utashindwa kusimama

Thanks @Wechez night made

PR, come on man don’t fall for it.

Wadau, serious question, Gathecha ni nani? I keep seeing this name pop up on these streets.

If an african president sat on a pavement kama hii beberu…ungeskia eti amepeleka ushamba majuu aache kutuaibisha…lakini mzungu watasema ni kuwa down to earth

Switzerland never colonised any African country

ukiona word hautambui maana angalia Lexicon https://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/ktalk-lexicon.23435/

my president was out shopping for the fanciest pen he could get to sing more loan agreements


Weh… Please YouTube a documentary that has been posted here before called Stealing Africa(How Swiss companies get rich at Africa’s Expense . Sio copper in yes… Zambia(Xstrata is a Swiss company) banking and money laundering for dictators and corrupt thieves.
-The Swiss municipality of Rüschlikon where money “made” from Zambia’s mines has made everyone rich.-
They own all the best chocolate companies yet they grow none in their country. (Nestle, Lindt etc) and have monopolised the industry in such a way that cocoa farmers in West Africa(Mali, Ivory Coast) get nothing. There’s another documentary called “The Dark Side of Chocolate”.
Countries like Switzerland, Denmark, or Sweden are looked upon as model economies of social programs. Yet we hardly hear about how they pay for all these programs, guess a little exploitation goes a long way for social progress in ones own country. They are pretentious money-hoarding fucks…

@mbwakali hapo umenena

A mzungu worshiping fool

true that, we need kuacha ujinga wa tribal voting blocks, the problem is how to entangle the masses from their individual tribal & historical proclivities

Completely agreeing with @mbwakali kuna washens hapa wajui vitu komplete na wanajina wanajua research about this shit.