A real man


Am waiting for a real man who will do this for me this Valentines

@Blacks4Trump we know your handwriting

Im not giving my 1,499,999 to someone who cant spell the word “Butler”.

That 1.5.m is a thousand tighter pussies for next 7years assuming its fixed yearly in a fix deposit account

Did you mean butler?


USD15,000, For 24hrs ! ! ! are you fucking kidding me ? ? ? there are so many destination i can visit in this world for a cool solid week for that money.
it’s a matter of getting value for money than, being a real man. if need be, peleka your better half pale California ama Florida for a week, na utabaki na change.

All this for second hand slit between your legs? PNC will hit hard.

Let me see your face and thighs first

Mpesa yangu imekataa kuhold hio pesa…wapeane acct no I transfer, paybill ni ya peasant

Did u just see ati paybill? Didn’t know mpesa waliongeza amount that can hold kwa account n be transferred as well, wow this is great!!

Now clearly this is just another con idiots couldn’t even spell somethings correctly, yani they didn’t even know how to use autocorrect yawa

Every time you hear neno “real man” inatajwa, chunga. Kuna mtu anatakiwa kutumiwa vibaya. Never let that word slide. Ukisikia tu hivi, hata kama ulikuwa umelala, fungua macho saa hiyo.

Your pussy is worth 1k per night tops. Sorre :smiley:

he might come. but trust me, he most likely will be a pensioner who can’t even sustain an erection more than one minute even at the sight of your fresh luscious camel toe and avocado hard boobs. that will make the night boring.

Ride from (to?) Nairobi and back? Hai, hao wajamaa hawajijui. Si we just use a car and I do the rest of the list. If you need helicopter noises, my car has no exhaust silencer.

After what happened to my nigga Kobe I let any chopper related trips pass and this has nothing to do with my financial situation !

Ati umesema Laikipia? Near Rumuruti???!

Ngoja akuje uskie :

" These are overpriced, racist mzungu programs. Meanwhile here on my farm in Rumuruti Raikifia I offer the very same services and bear in mind I don’t charge much myself. You will even get to see anterops chewing on my Moso bamboo saprings. And afterwards you can even take a photo with Samburu locals. I don’t see why you have to spend 20k on…"


Again, dear brethren, tulisema…if a woman (pink handle) starts talking abt a ‘Real Man’…huyo ni wa the streets.
She has never been a man to define anything masculine wacha real…smh.

tragedy ni a real nigga hits that kanyau free ama 2 guranas na beta chieth inapeleka kunguru hii trip alafu ipewe hug goodnight or that “im not ready nonsense” self respect is very important

My fren utangoja, although nakuombea ufike hapo