A real man according to some of these women.

According to some of these women, you are not a real man if you walk away from a cheating woman. You’re supposed to fight for your relationship. They expect you to find out why she cheated and probably patch up things because it could be your fault that she cheated. At times I feel like they’re just trolls…maybe.

Now she’s the victim?


Peasant in Chief


A therapist would be better suited to find out why she accepted to be passed around like a joint.

:D:D:D Madness

Some of these women are not just okay mentally. Sad but true.

…yet we’re reminded every minute that women are smarter than men. I’m sure she’ll be blaming men once she gets to that age where few to no men will be paying attention to her, and without taking into account that she made bad choices.

Four guys and still alone in a relationship:rolleyes:Anything to project victimhood. I am pretty sure the supposed victim hakuwa na shida kukula makilometre za reli.

Vipi kama akatokea mtu akatengeneza muvi ya jamaa ambaye baada ya kumfumania demu wake akipigwa pumbu kila upande anatumia the rest of the movie trying to figure out ilikuaje demu akacheat na watu wanne?

Only to find out kunguru hafugiki.

Pure insanity :D:D:D:D:D.

They totally lack self awareness.

It’s crazy ukiconsider that tantrums are a lady’s MO akikushika ukicheat with just ONE girl … now imagine a whooping five of them

Only 2 things needed in this world to ensure an endless supply of good p*ussy …

1/ A large , tireless D*ick
2/ A fat botomless Wallet

Kenyatalk council of elders walishapitisha decree in which tulisema any statement that starts with “a real man” ni emotional blackmail/manipulation.

:D:D:D:D:D whuot

This why I live for ktalk

hizi kunguru zinahitaji reeducation camp kama auschwitz

It’s always a man’s fault. Women and responsibilities are like parallel lines.

Their entitlement is just beyond real.

:D:D:D it’s a man’s fault that she cheated, and you as a real man should not run away but solve the issue. Hizi kunguru ziko na serious mental inconsistencies.

I concur, to hell with their manipulation and shaming tactics.