A Rare picture of your favorite 130kg mungix back then in 1986 akiwa NYS "Sobibor" camp

1986 akiwa N.Y.S, those days N.Y.S was like a torture camp. Ile mateso mtu alikuwa anaona usicheze nayo. The mungix was not 130kilo then coz ya ile mateso alikuwa anapitia. From exercises, torture and poor food.

Hapa alikuwa ametoka training and had been summoned by the camp chief warden.

Knock knock

Ingia wewe kurutu mungiki bila akili.

Motokubwa: yes sir.

CHIEF WARDEN: tumepata report that u are running an illegal business in the camp.

MOTO: gani boss.

given two hot slaps

CHIEFWARDEN: u are selling food illegally. Ambia sisi kama hii si yako.
We found it in your Dormitory and everyone said ni zako.

MOTO: am sorry boss but I was only looking for a source of livelihood.

CHIEF W: let me 1st take a plate of this food of yours to see if it is safe for human consumption. Kaa hapo chini as I eat.

Mmmmh tamu sana this food. Am impressed…mmmmh very nice. Who taught u how to cook like this.

MOTO: chief hahaha I knew u would like it. I learned to cook from my aunty.

CW: hmmm tamu sana. Let me add another plate.

MOTO: so chief does it mean am forgiven hahahaha

CW: hahaha

MOTO: hahaha thank u sir

CW: will u take it the easy way or the hard way. Can u bend over and touch that table so that I cane u.
And dont look behind sawa
He bent over

Banaa warden lowered the mungix shorts and chunishad mans sukuma banaa. The mungix could be heard screaming like a wounded dog. Auuuuuuuwii auuuuuuuuwi bwebwe.

When he was finally released he took off while holding his already falling shorts and into the dorms direct to bed.

When asked by roommates what the matter was he just said “Liwe Liwalo one day tuta ondekea hii mateso” LMFAOOOO

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