A Raila/Kalonzo ticket cannot beat a Ruto/Mudavadi ticket. Here is the maths!!

Western 80 %
Nyanza 20 %
Coast 50 %
North Eastern 50 %
Centro 80 %
Rift Valley: 80 %

Ukambani: 20%

Where does Raila get the votes to match this duo???

80 per cent in western unaota

ruto doesnt get central if he doesnt have rigathi as dp. mudavadi cant even hold on to his mps, he cant deliver shit. ruto is no fool he will pick rigathi as dp

Not necessarily, central has suffered most under Konyagi, having your own tribesmen as leaders is of no use to the general masses.
Wsr shud actually choose mdvd as his running mate

I am still trying to find the Math

This looks more like meth than maths.
Neither Mudavadi nor Kalonzo will be running mates.

He better

Never have I ever seen tickets in a battle or a fight. Does one get tickets to go see the other tickets go at it to the death? Is it WWE style? Are there theme songs? Where can I purchase tickets for the ticket showdown?

Wacha kizungu mingi kijana ya Kisumu !!! You do the maths and give me a scenario where a Raila/Kalonzo ticket gets the bus to reach Ikulu. Do the maths kahora kahora; mosu mosu!!!

Coast, Nyanza & Western hapana.

That is bullshit, ruto only has central support because of the understanding they will get dp post. Mudavadi on the other hand is still a political toddler despite being in politics for over 30 yrs. Ruto despite spending all that time in western still hasn’t gotten traction there

Kwanza mimi ni wa Murang’a. Secondly, the only tickets we recognize ni za Double M. Kwetu tuliacha ku participate in rituals that negate our God given sovereignty. As you ponder on your tickets, twi mwena uyu tugieterera muanjie kurira like clockwork.

Hapa coast i can see it to some extent, maybe not 50% but around 30%.

Hii kenya wajinga waliisha wenyewe walibaki ni wachache na wako UDAku. Ikiwa ruto hawezi pata hata 20% ya talkers who are from Western kenia.

You are talking Murathe Language and not Kangata language. So why are you supporting Kang’ata?


Azimio we just need 30% of central , hatuna haja na kitu ingine . hizo province zingine tuwachie we have done it b4, its proven, a fact

you get 7% foolish mbaruyha


Central people not politicians. Those ones left with Ruto because they expected him to pay back. if he does not they will either join the other side before the elections or after the elections