A quick one for the Agriculturalists, farmers and experts on Miraa growing.

I agree.
I have looked into it from that perspective as I conducted my risk assessment and there is a better chance of an exgirlfriend grassing you than people who you do business with.
It’s been the downfall of many a great man trusting a woman you are romantically involved with!

I won’t be making such school boy errors, trust me!.. Kikikikkkk

By the way, …
How is it going?
Ball imeshika ama it’s of how?!..

Good luck and the key is exploring different sexual positions and not being shy about making him do it even when he doesn’t want to!

75% of my kids were conceived on the couch in the living room!
Lala flat and spread your legs just on the edge of the couch, let him kneel down on the floor as you take his manhood in you.

That’s a straight GOAL!

All the best sis!

with your loud foul mouth I don’t you can even smuggle a one leaf of miraa…smuggling needs stealth… Hebu start with neighbouring countries like Tz :smiley:

I gugu’d “khat tablets” but nothing worthwhile came up. But an idea just hit me; if cannabis tablets are widely available and both are naturally occurring plants, the chemistry (for weed) is out there somewhere. You just have to research and see what you can tweak!

Don’t even remind me. :rolleyes: Hakuna styro hatuja jaribu to the point of sheer exhaustion. I bought a pg test yesterday, almost certain that things were, you know, “cooking”…but nothing! :confused: Granted it has been only one month of trying, I wonder why I bothered with BC pills in the first place? Thanks bro! :smiley:

I am so determined you don’t know.
But I think I just might have to go to Meru myself at some stage for a thorough understanding.

Do it x 1000! May the force be with you.

Don’t give up!
Like with everything in life, you only get good things when you least expect them Not when you’re desperate for them!
La muhimu ni kujaribu…
You are a good person and I really hope you succeed.

Gee thanks. You as well, I know when you put your mind on something ni mpaka mwisho…
As they say, "success is like pregnancy. Everybody congratulates you but nobody knows how many times you got fuc#ed to achieve it.” :slight_smile:

Na mkishindwa ukumbuke I’m like one of the staff at Wal-Mart…

I’m happy to help!..

Class C felony for possession. I bet you distribution is another story. You will be fine until you sell to an undercover alalo agent.

Easier said than done. First, you wont be able to grow it in your backyard unnoticed so best bet is do do a grow-op kama zile za skunk weed UK where you either do hydroponics with high beam lights inapata mwangaza 24/7. Problem with hizo miti, they take long to mature.

Komboa a farm in the country and mix your trees with fruits and etc. You’ll be harvesting bila kusumbuliwa. Alafu you’re a delivery guy so just include the drop offs on your routes around the city.

A black man harvesting crops in the UK. Red flag right there. Neighbors will be snooping on that farm let and right.

The main active component in miraa is benzoylethanamine (Cathinone) an alkaloid. Extraction of alkaloids from leaves is not difficult but the main issue which is common in extraction of many natural products are the low yields.

Kwani yako ni ya wapi? Thought Meru region is the only place that grows Miraa in Kenya