A quick one for the Agriculturalists, farmers and experts on Miraa growing.

I have raised this issue here before and I got a less than desirable response so I’m hoping that this time round I get a more mature and realistic feedback.

As you know, Miraa has been criminalised in the UK for a few years now.

We all know that criminalisation of any substance just makes it more accessible thus more expensive for the consumer.
Very few people statistically speaking will quit partaking in the consumption of any substance just because it’s now more expensive or because it is all of a sudden illegal.

And that’s where you the reader comes in.

I don’t know the first thing about growing Miraa.
I don’t know the ins and Outs of how trying to grow it in much colder environments would affect the growth of a Miraa tree.
But I know a few things.
I am willing to invest in greenhouse style infrastructure to suit the subzero temperatures of Europe.
Bangi growers have been doing it for ages!..

The gap in the market for Miraa is overwhelming and I know for sure that it wouldn’t take any amount of pursuing to make a Miraa consumer in Europe part with £50 for a surba (kg)
And it’s a growth market.

Alafu I appeal to anyone who has studied chemistry etc on any advice they may have on the potential that exists in the Value addition of Miraa e.g turning it into tablet form, liquid etc…

I feel that I have spotted a hole in a financially life changing market.
First things first, how do I transport a seedling Miraa tree from jamuhuri to majuu?
Sema nami anyone who shares my vision.

Kama ni Muguka… which to me is far much superior than iyo takataka ya meru, kujia seedling na forty bob. Mbisha nitakutumia kesho

Please weka mbisha hapa ya seed and any more information about growing it from seed up.

Shukran kaka.

Kesho. Kenya ni usiku sasa

Sasa ukishikwa udepotiwe Si ukikuja huku utashikwa na depression ukufe…most deportees have no where to start.na huko Si Kenya utahongana uwachiliwe…menya we Kwenee fuda!

KB, what are the legal implications? Have you thought about potential jail time, criminal record even deportation? The law is always harsher on you black males. Chunga dadiii your kids need you.

A seed would be perfect for me.
I managed to smuggle a few different seeds of different fruit trees like ‘lukwarts’ , etc mixed with njahi etc and surprisingly, I put them in a flowering pot ,fed them with plant food and the right soil and surprisingly they are all thriving months on in my sitting room.
My ex wife nilimletea mbegu za sukuma wiki and three years on she still has them growing outdoors.
Winter ikishika they just wither but she uproots them before beginning of summer and plants the stems and summer time they blossom again!

Mmeheshimiana na wamama,atleast leo hauliii.I hope your rants going forward will be of this kind

I’m beyond deportation thankfully… Kikikikkkk

Miraa is class c drug in the UK so ata nikishikwa I think I will only get a reprimand and with good behaviour sioni ata nikipata custodial sentence.
And that’s the worst case scenario.

Look on the bright side of things.

I establish a good farm with at least five plants in my back garden.
Nitafute contact moja in every major city in the UK of which I know enough walalos I can trust already.
Chances of kubambwa are minimal.

Delayed delivery tactics , prepaid delivery etc… are all tricks of the trade that have been proven to outdo any investigation.
And Don’t forget that my customers are walalos so there is an added level of loyalty.

Najipatia miaka tatu, I establish myself in the property industry, invest in my business alafu I retire.

Watu wanaongea vitu za maana hapa. Priss!

Stop sugar coating ati stems…we call them "makahuro ":D:D

So you know.Mambo ta umama hatutaki tena.Just thought you should know

I grew up in semi arid Kenya.
Mimi niulize za ng’ombe na mbuzi.
Makahuro ndiramonire ruraya!.. kikikikkkk

Hamutaki wewe na Nani?..
Kama hauna kitu ya kuongeza about Miraa cultivation kojoa ulale.

Yaa colder places haitakua na andasss, itakua unafanyisha watu P. E ya mdomo tu

Huo mmea ni sacred ata ukipewa mawaidha hautafaulu…your history sio mzuri sana

miraa is hotcake in India… huko utapata pesa mzuri and you come back with Indian imports…

Does anyone know how long it takes for a Miraa tree to grow from seed to harvest?

Wazi! Kama uko covered kisheria then why not? Miraa never killed anybody… However once you’re settled in your core business, quit while you’re still ahead.

Hehehh…if the pros outweighs the cons then go ahead with your “project” but don’t even let your 40 wives and girlfriends know about it .it should be you and you alone.I had a grandfather who in the 80s was already trafficking drugs to the UK and was never caught… Good luck