Set the damn speed limit at 30km/hr this festive season

Retarded solutions

@uwesmake pea hii mtu Okombe na certificate, amefikiria kaa politician

Speed is not the only factor to blame… But I personally believe NTSA is totally sleeping on it’s role.

Slow speed causes more accidents as people try to overtake slow movers on highways

we need a quick solution for this month

i beg to differ,all accidents reported on the last two days have a common thing, the drivers were speedin

what would you rather was done?

what do you suggest?

This institution was created for the same purpose we talk of the deaths on our roads, I think more from them should be on reducing the cash minting road blocks and institute proper preventive actions.

Driver carelessness majorly to blame. This speeding, as if one will miss a seat in Valhalla, is just silly.

Sir, it is the preventive actions we’d like to hear…and while at it…what do you think are the road user’s responsibilities?

Unfortunately…NTSA is torn between bribes and their mandate…me thinks heavy commercial vehicles and trailers should not be on the roads past 6pm…speed limit be set at 80km/ph for all.

Qualified drivers know where to drive at what speed; yet they don’t to he grief of all. what will make them obey this time?

but blame solely lies with our drivers…disregard to traffic rules overspeeding and overtaking on blind spots…clearly climbing lanes were meant for overtaking slow moving vehicles and trucks but most drivers disregard this. why don’t we have permanent speed cameras along that route be it night or day this will deter most drivers from overspeeding…Ni hayo tu kwa sasa


Poor driving habits starts with peoples’ mentality, attitude and majority of Kenyans’ selfish nature of thinking someone is better than the other in using the roads.First solution is changing our individual attitudes on road usage. Second the problem lies with our driving school and the way we are tested.Someobody can easily acquire a driving license in less than a week and start ferrying people around.The driving license system should be changed to different classes.Example first license inakua A1 for beginners and given after passing the theoretical part and be allowed to drive a car with somebody who is fully licensed with 5 years experience.The A1 should not be allowed on any highways and you move to A2 after one year driving practice then with A2 you can drive in specific highways and you hold it for also one year then full license the A.To ferry people you get another class but only after acquiring and maintaining the A for more than 5 years.Witn this solution by the time you star driving you are experienced and know the rule of the road.And point system in the licenses should be introduced unapatikana a makosa unatolewa ikifika level fulani you banned from driving on Kenyan roads

your post is good but this part is too complicated to effect.

Situations make these drivers do wreckless stuffs on the roads.For instance:-
[li]Tajiri anataka aende trip kama tatu hivi -NRB- NKR yes I have heard of such stories from a matatu driver.[/li][li]Watu wa trailers kuharakishwa wafikishe mizigo kwa client ndio warudie ingine -breaks and et all got no time for checking[/li][li]Mwingine ana drive at 40kph on an acceleration lane,hii pia mimi huniudhi sana,couple of times I have shouted obscene words at such drivers.[/li][li]Watu wa IENDE IRUDI[/li][li]Overlapping[/li][li]Many times no signs kept to warn oncoming drivers of a stalled vehicle and if any it is kept close to the broken down vehicle leaving the oncoming driver with no enough time to avert the danger ahead[/li][li]Newly erected unmarked bumps[/li][li]Allowing diginitaries to use roads as they wish - I could go on and on with the list[/li][/ol]
When all the above meet on the road,your guess is as good as mine.I am happy that road rage level in Kenya is not that high.

I dont know which NTSA is this because my attempt to always bribe my way through has never been successful .Those people be mean AF!!

now that’s a problem!