a quick comparison between Kenya vs Tanzania

[ATTACH=full]61984[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]61986[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]61987[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]61988[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]61990[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]61991[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]61992[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]61993[/ATTACH] Is it possible for Tz to overtake kenya???

Yes, in 100 years.

Tanzania has only two helicopters? o_O

Is that a website or a video game?

aii kenya we dont have attacking helicopters…what about the bell helicopters…kazi zake nza kubeba waiganjo

Its a video , itabidi uelewa hapa ni ktalk…a link will attract “siweziclick” shit

Here is the link

@Sensiminia long time, njoo ulete Matusi hapa.I’m not spewing with you this time

Will appreciate if you can also give us comparison between Kenya and Ethiopia

The daily comparison between Kenya and our East African neighbours it’s now getting out of hand. I think the root cause of all the problems of comparison with every one, is the 8-4-4 system of education which states that you must always be the winner.
This comparison will robe us our joy and pride of being Kenyans.

D*ck measuring contest kama kawa…I cant deny the beauty of knowing how your competitor is doing so that you up your game. It beats logic to know their muscle in the various fields only to start excuses oooh wako na hii natural resource ambayo hatuna…ooh tunawapa miaka miwili Megafool ni maji moto yasiweza kuchoma nyumba. Tuko pamoja ???

We moved on from single mother talk to Kenya vs …

att: @Jazzman

we spent almost two decades time ya Moi doing nothing but looting alafu mseme with all the development Tz will overtake us? isokay

Hapo umenena kama elder.

Hehee! Abba of chiquitita are you this lame? Na wewe unaamini hiyo video game inasema Tz wana helicopter mbili. Wacha masikhara bwashee…
We have major ports zaidi ya mbili, kuna ya Mtwara, kusini mwa nchi, wameconsider ya tanga na dsm tu, that is a video game.

Dude, uko na internet na hujui kutumia google? Ama ni…

Anyway, I know you’ve seen this ones before…




That’s WZ-9. Classified as a light attack/Scout helicopter. Capable of being mounted either by guns, rockets or anti tank/anti personnel missiles. In the army inventory, there are 12 of these with more on the way.

And then there are these…





The MD-500. Can be used with anti tank missiles, rockets and guns. And there are 50 of these. These are attack helos alone.

For transport helos, there are 13 Eurocopter Super pumas, two Mi-17 and one Mi-8

Googling is free

thnks for the info sir…dont have time for googling every item i approach in the indaneti…thats why you are here…RIGHT!!

A miser cannot outspend a spendthrift. On a serious note though, this comparison is flawed. We can use simple indicators like: health, life expectancy, infant mortality, consumerism - the country that consumes more has more disposable income. More disposable income means one is wealthy.

Kenya 0 —Ali Kiba —Tanzania 1

Did you mean sparring bro?
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