A Quality Mother

I grew up as my pop’s clear favorite. I have brothers but my dad always treated me like the Son he always wanted. He would teach me things he should have taught my brothers coz hawakuwa na interest. So upto this day, I am my pop’s favorite. So on the other side I had a terrible relationship with meine Mutti because she was not ready to spoil me like my dad. So I was always like I wish my mom could be like so and SOS mom. Kwanzaa single mom flani who used to let her daughter, my classmate do every thing she wanted. Meanwhile my mom ananikazia kila kitu. I started understanding how awesome my mom is when I became an adult. Before that I had alot of unrealistic expectations about what a mother is supposed to be. I was actually very sad that we didn’t get along but I am a proud person I wasnt going to humble myself. Not even to my mother. I prayed alot about my relationship with my mother and later she seemed to come around. We even did a road trip just me and her for her 60th Birthday.

My problem with my mother was that I am an idealistic person, the moment you fall short of a single expectation, I write you off as not being quality. I am still kind of like that. I have unrealistically high standards. For everyone in my life. So she wasn’t a quality mother until I grew up. And my friends started becoming mothers. And I was just in awe. I was in complete awe about what mothers do for their children. Even just going through a pregnancy. It’s crazy. Motherhood is such a great sacrifice that I can even equate it to Jesus sacrifice on the cross. And once I vicariously experienced motherhood on day to day basis with my friends who are moms. I started to really appreciate who a mother is. And I started to fall in love with my estranged mother. When I was a kid and teenager my mom couldn’t tell me anything, but now with what I know, I would jump off a bridge for that woman. If she asked me to.

My paternal grandmother MHSRIP was who I substituted my mother with because she was like me. She was crazy. She was loving. She was eccentric and very compassionate and loving. Just like me. I am named after her. So I wanted my mom to be like her. My paternal grandmother to be a quality mother in my eyes. So I was always disappointed because she was herself. Not woteva I thought I wanted her to be.

There’s one thing that my mom taught me. That nobody is 100%, you have to learn to focus on the good and ignore the bad bcz nobody is perfect. Not what an idealist wants to hear.

This is what I have leant about motherhood just from other people. It changes you completely. As a person. You become a God. To who nothing is impossible.In the eyes of your children you are God. It does not matter if you are a prostitute or a drug addict. You are still a God in the eyes of your children. Do you know why the mother boiled stones.?Her kids really believed she could make food out of nothing like Jesus feeding the multitude out of nothing.

I know that it seems like God gave women the short end of the stick in almost everything but He more than made up for it by giving women the power to be mothers.

Nowadays my mom calls me every day unless I am in a prayer mountain. And she knows that I need to pray she will call me regular like clock works every morning and every evening. I can say without a doubt she’s the person who loves me most in this world.

Its so easy to compare your mom to other people’s moms and be like my mom is not a quality mother. But take it from me. Your mother is as quality as they come. I don’t care if she’s mama mboga, illiterate, a drunk, a sex worker. She’s as quality a mother as you will ever have.

Today I sent gifts and messages to my mother. The mother I waited until I was an adult to love and enjoy. This is what she replied verbatim. I said, Happy Mother’s Day. You are the best mother in the world. I love you.

And she said, Thanks dear I was shopping remind your brother its mother’s day. I love you all without you people my life would have been meaning less.

So on that note I just want to encourage every mother. The single mother with no support. The grieving mother who has lost her precious baby like Tabitha of Keroche mother of the late Tecra . The mother who cuts plastic bottles to protect her children. The illiterate mother digging people’s shambas to educate her kids. The mother of a dying child, a mentally or physically challenged child. A mother of a delinquent child. A drug addicted child. A criminal child. You know what it is like to be God. To love a child with all your heart and to see the child get lost and be unable to do anything but watch. I want to encourage every mom. Hugs mommy. You know what it’s like for God. The heartbreak He suffers. The joy He feels when His children advance. The love He has for His children. A love that is stronger than death. Nobody understands what it is like to be a mother than God. When it’s overwhelming moms always remember God is a mother. Seek Him out and He will show you the way. Remember Hagar and her son Ishmael in the desert. Where there’s a mother the Lord is never far away. When you feel like giving up. Always remember the words of Our Lord.

Isaiah 49 15

Never! Can a mother forget her nursing child? Can she feel no love for the child she has borne? But even if that were possible, I would not forget you!

Take heart every mother going through a tough time. Mungu anakushughulikia. Don’t lose hope. Don’t give up because God is making a way where there seems to be no way.


. It’s crazy. Motherhood is such a great sacrifice that I can even [COLOR=rgb(251, 160, 38)][SIZE=5]equate it to Jesus sacrifice on the cross. [/SIZE]

Hio sasa ni yako

MGTOW please hii story tumeimaliza jana. Wewe kama huna quality mother, that is you, mine is so quality that I can even compare her to Jesus. Now let’s wait for Father’s Day. Hope mutatukumbusha a week in advance musiseme hatupendi baba zetu coz haikuangi popular.

Comparing the childbearing sacrifice of a mother to Jesus world saving sacrifice is blesphemy.

If i was anywhere near you, I would move away vv quickly as you are very likely to be struck by lightning.

Its a metaphor. Greater love has no man than this that he lay down his life, I’ve lost two people to child birth so yes its a sacrifice to give life. Have you read Psalms 139? I know it off head. You know every word before it’s even on my tongue. God knew I was going to say that before I even said it. I don’t why people feel the need to hold brief for God. Mara reprimanding Prophet Owuor, Mara female pastors, it’s like some Christians are more aware than God, I wanted to say more God than God. You want to police people on the behalf of God. Do you people read the Bible. Did you read about a guy called King Manasseh. Was he struck by lightening? Please stop policing people. Mutachoka coz there’s alot to be policed. The only person God will hold you responsible for is yourself, so redirect all that hypervigilance to yourself. There’s no prefect with noise makers list mbinguni, madam admin police woman, incase you forget God is omnipresent and omniscient, He does not need you to police anyone. The only people dumb enough to think that they are worthy of such position were the Pharisees, we all know how Jesus reacted when they went to report wrong doers to Him. Matter of fact they said, He was blasphemous. IJS. I will square it out with God, sorry that I don’t feel like I owe you an apology for what you feel would offend God.

BTW I haven’t forgotten how you insinuated that your uterus was what would save you as a woman. Not Jesus. Police that. Instead of seeing others shortfalls. I won’t go as far as to say it’s blasphemous. You just have a religious legalistic spirit but utachoka tuu. Soon enough you will be too tired to mind any other business but your own. Being a busy body is exhausting.

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I am on quarantine. Until June. But think about what I am telling you. God knows what’s on your mind before it’s on your mind. If God was all about striking people with lightening, who would be around? Not that many people. Psalms 139 is about the omniscience of God. Manasseh sawed prophets in two, set up idol worship, anything provoking he did it, when he was taken captive to Babylon he made one prayer and God answered. My point is please stop trying to read God’s mind, you can’t. It’s infinite. Yours is finite.