A Possible Reason For Our Recent Poor Performance

I believe most of our male athletes kimewaramba. Wakipata tumilioni na walikuwa shagz mondos wanaeda town kudinya malaya wanaokota ukimwa ka shiet. It may explain the drop in performance across the board for the male squad while females continue to excell

hao ma athlete hukulana kwa changing rooms za nyayo stadium kama rabbits.

Yaani in kenya everything’s been reduced down to 2 things: sex and/or corruption, preferrably both. Such a calamity…


Kenya’s performance has not gone down. It’s simply that the rest of the world has caught up. We got spoiled by athletes winning gold or silver medals in every event, but that only happened because the rest of the world was a step slow.

Let break it down a little.
100/200m- Omanyala
400- we’ve never had great athletes
800m-Rudisha retired but we have Korir and a youngster called Wanyonyi coming up.
1500- If you don’t run close to world record pace in this race, you have no chance beating Ingerbits of Norway or Kerr of Britain.
5000-Huyo Kalenjin wa Uganda ndio champion hapo. And the guy in no joke.

Hivyo ivyo. Blaming it on sex is over generalizing or oversimplifying answers.

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nimalize huyo low IQ makamasi