A Police and woman in critical condition after being shot at while in squad car in Compton

Walk by or run by shooting… These black folks are getting out of control


Sema a policeman, police officer ama police woman.


Wakufe maumbwa. BLM. No Justice No Peace. FTP, ACAB, F12

Looks like a child,mara a dwarf,a chimp from a circus.

Looks like a teenager. 12-14 years. And he has a peculiar walking style.

That is what will lead to the arrest.

Plus there’s a $100k for anyone that can identify the perpetrator leading to their arrest & conviction.

am sure the relatives are really considering snitching , 10 million si pesa kidogo nanii

Hapo lazima snitch atatokea.

There’s 100k plus reward for kids killed in Chicago and nobody has snitched so far. Who knew black Americans could have such solidarity? They’d sooner die than snitch. Especially not for the popo.

And snitches usually get stitches