A place to buy LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony, Alcatel etc phones for sale.

It wasn’t until yesterday, after a period of telling people to go for these manufacturer’s smartphones, that someone asked for a place to get one.
Jumia sells old phones. Googling only leads to local pricing websites. Even Avechi don’t have them. Shops in Town have OEMs like Tecno, etc.
Any place that sells these brands?

Why on earth would you recommend manufacturers like HTC, Motorola and Alcatel?

I am a Sony enthusiast and I have encountered the same challenge. Hazipatikani kabisa, but possibly because of dwindling sales and stiiff competition from cheap products like Tecno & Infinix which 80% of Kenyans buy.

Ingia ndege uende hadi Dubai. I have a few contacts in the middle East who might come in handy.

Ingia Amazon na uliase na kentex ama any other shipping company…the wait is agonizing though.

You are on to something. Old is Gold.

Kilimall - Affordable Online Shopping in Kenya

But these are mostly refurbished, though. @ChifuMbitika’s suggestion could be better for you if you prefer 2nd hand phones over refurbished.

Why in the hell would you want to buy phones like HTC and Alcatel. Ikiharibika utasaidiwa aje

Very good question

All these are dead/dying brands. Mwambie aamke, there are new kids on the block. Mwambie aangalie kina Xiaomi, Oneplus (and its sisters), and even Samsung or Apple if she/he doesn’t trust the former brands I mentioned

Motorola is a formidable colossus, much alive and kicking hard! In the list on the heading it is only lg who indicated the intention to close shop. Sony are still trudging by albeit, with difficulty. Alcatel is available in abundance in many markets outside of Kenya.

But one thing is common with all these brands; they make some of the best phones, and cheapest when you talk about Alcatel and Motorola. If I were to be given a choice between any two phones with similar specs and a slight price difference, one from any of these brands and the other from any Chinese brand, I would kill for the former!

I don’t think any of them is as relevant today as they were a few years ago. Maybe to enthusiasts they seem to be. Lenovo is misusing the Motorola brand. TCL might bring back Alcatel to its former glory but currently it’s not.