A phone ahead of it's time?


I saw it early today but i am not excited …battery technology should a priority for phone manufacturers otherwise i will hold on to my s7 for a while.

Mbeca ngapi?

Oppo are really trying

That phone has a superior battery life to an S7 as per benchmarks. Snapdragon 845 has better power management than 820. Oppo and OnePlus are sister companies so the quality is just as good.

Around 110k flagship price

That’s an understatement

My issue is battery life/ technology in general … i am yet understand why one would pay 90k plus for a phone only for it to go off in the middle of the day.

A phone that goes for 50k and above should have a battery capacity of 10,00mAH. How can you buy a phone worth 70k and have batt capacity of 3000mAH

When it comes to screen to body ratio. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S still leads the pack

Oppo being more expensive than Samsung’s best flagship alafu nani atanunua:D:D

But ujue inadepend na battery efficiency pia sio capacity pekee, tecno can have 5000mah but drain faster than a Samsung with 3000mah

Hii simu Ni Kali sana

i find these new display trends of 18:9 and the likes to be power hungry. check xiaomi as good example, new phones use 4000mah battery and have efficiency 14nm soc but they produce average battery life compare to old xiaomi like redmi note 4.

And i agree with you, Mah is not measure of battery life alone, combination of Display technology, soc used, capacity of battery and overall optimization of phone is what make of batter endurance.

The only feature in a phone that has not changed over the centuries, only the lithium way

So u want a coal battery or a geothermal one. Lithium is still operational even in the modern electric cars.

are you sure that’snot a faulty battery? No phone would have the battery depleted that fast unless you were gaming all day while recording video on 4k

Oppo phones have been known to have the fastest battery charging and they last too, same to their sister company Oneplus with their dash charging

10,000 kwani you want to use it for a week without charging? you forget those phones use premium components then support costs too(software updates and warranty) halafu marketing and manufacturer profits too

ngojea uone watu wakinunua

Just because something is operational does not mean its the best