A painfull kick to the balls.

Nimeiba mahali

If you think men find meaning and leave a legacy by getting married and having a kid…

…ask your dad if he thinks you and your mom are his legacy.

Mostly when men come to their senses at old age they regret to death why they wasted their energy on family and wife ,I started regretting earlier but because its wat society expects well I have old age account to carter for prostitutes and luxuries

Umafwi thread. Kama baba yako Ni bitter beta male usituletee ujinga


and you are how old appoximately? just wanting to know to gain a futher insight, you can round to the nearest 10 if you wish not to expose your age!

The average man starts regretting marriage less than a year after getting married. Take that to the bank, get it tattooed on your ass, print it on a billboard, cause it’s the fucking truth.

hehe, mtu huangalia walevi na D- material umelea unajichukia. No wonder some guy in school used to fear going back home knowing how shitty their grades were

legacy is chieth.

kweli unajua legacy ya grandfather yako mwenye ako age mate ya nabongo mumia?

jamaa alidedi 1902 amesahaulika saa hii ni oil amepercolate ako pale turkana

Kwani MTU hupercolate after how many years?