Hakuna place kwa hii dunia inautwa abroad. You cannot say that I thought s/he is IN ABROAD.[ATTACH=full]279173[/ATTACH]

Sharrap grammar nazi
[li]1.[/li]in or to a foreign country or countries.
“we usually go abroad for a week in May”

Tell this academic dwarf!

I thought he was abroad
Abroad can be in a jungle in Congo.people tend to associate it with a fancy word
The sentence is grammatically incorrect


  1. Read my post again.

  2. There is no place in this world called “abroad”.

  3. You can say “he is in Kakamega.” but you cannot say “I thought s/he is IN ABROAD.”

  4. Mbwa wewe.:D:D

its a ferkin picture with crates.could be russia or eldoret godammit .
Aaah the caps sidetracked you …you know like ‘in’ shiet and ‘IN’ shiet…i dont blame you mr engriss ticha.ghaseer zako zitundike mkunduni

It is gramatically incorrect to say “in abroad”. That is what I have an issue with. No manner of insults from you can change that.

And you need to clap back harder than that, son.

Until then…