A.O.B. Whennessday 17th October, 2018

Friday itafika when?

Niko isolation hosi for the next 21 days for last chemo and transplant. It’s going to be brutal.

transplant ya nini…ulichoma mapafu ama liver kwa raha zako?
ama ulikamuana ukamwaga hadi bone marrow yote?!

best of Luck man!! tunangoja hekaya ya nurse

Why Isolation? Anyway It shall be well Amigo

Kila nyani kwa raha zake, secure your rooftop tanks…

All the best, Quick Recovery…

Eish, pole and quick recovery

pole bro.

Monkey see monkey do

What is Reunion?

Reunion is when you get up in the morning and tell your wife you are going to work.

Instead you go to your neighbour’s wife to make love to her.

Her husband comes and knocks on the door.

You go under the bed.

The husband enters the bedroom.

Feeling uneasy, the wife excuses herself to go to market to buy food items.

The husband takes advantage of the wife’s absence to call your wife.

Your wife quickly arrives and they make love.

Suddenly his wife who had excused herself to go to the market turned back halfway forgetting the list of food items at home and knocks on the door.

You’re still under the bed.

Your wife rushes to hide under the bed.

This is REUNION…

All the best boss.

Get well soon! You shall win the battle. More strength

Get well soon braza. Uko India bado?

Asanteni wasee. Wanakupatianga chemo inafagia blood cells na Bone Marrow 100% (inb4 “huwezi mwaga mpaka bone marrow?”:D) halafu wanakupatia stem cells zako walicollect ama za donor wanakupatilia na IV. Hizo zinaingia kwa damu zinaabsorbiwa na bones kujenga bone marrow mpya na cells mpya zitazaliwa hapo. Isolation ni juu huna immunity hata 1% so uko solo kwa room for 3 weeks. Great view though, and great TV and movie choices.

Yeah. I expect to be back in mid-November with a head full of hair or at least some bristtles. Hii “Walter White aesthetic hainifit”.


Pole sana, you have a nice outlook of life Heisenberg.

Strong Buda, all the best as you heal.

Get well , sometimes I read some posts and realise I am going through a fraction of what some people are going through.

I looooved Walter White’s bald head
I’m sure you are rocking it , looking bad ass and all that.
Hey, you are in our thoughts and we are gunning for you.