A.O.B. Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2018. (Put your clutter here).

[SIZE=4]Tumtu twa ofisi mnaombwa muwache kuchafua forums. Ukitaka kumtusi Deorro tafadhali tumia nafasi iliyopo hapa chini. Walevi wa pombe, wavuta bangi, na watumizi wa mihadarati pia mwakaribishwa kuchangia katika uzi huu.[/SIZE]


a boabab tree takes… takes 200yrs to bear fruits…


The sound effects made my day


That means that us 30 year old singo mathas are basically like toddlers.

phew! We’re still fresh kumbe?

:D:D Kumbe we still need salt to feast on you unripe people.

Unajilinganisha na mbuyu? Si afadhali ungejaribu Hata muembe

This hyena tea bagged a buffalo



First the buffalo was like “ohhh you touch my chalalalaaa” then the hyena pulled

The buffalo was castrated

kuna ingine inaitwa honey badger, pia iki na iyo ujinga…

Ujinga zaidi, it is no longer holding the bull by the horns

Milk,lots of it, now

Hii imemmunya bandos zangu but its interesting

That will be a new combination that I should try very soon. :smiley:

Its an interesting channel, that Rob guy and another one called Ed Bolian are the best story tellers on it.

30 +15

Just thinking; if life is unique to earth, is it not plausible that death could also be unique to earth? Could it be that living cells are not capable of natural death at a certain distance from earth? Just some honest thought, I have not been inhaling anything.
As an aside, I am in the process of setting up a space burial program, where dead bodies will be thrust into space in the hope that they encounter more advanced medics along the way to nobody-knows-where. No need to fill my inbox for now, I am fully booked for the next 5 years. But we can allow exceptions for those who cannot wait and any convincing beauties.


Unajua kuna sweep umetembeza hapi lakini majamaa hawajagundua

Must have gotten this idea of yours from that movie Interstellar