A.O.B. Saturday 2nd February, 2019.

Assessing Friday damages as usual, after working yourself to lather for a long 30 days.

All I know is Im upstairs I’m listening to my Will Smith CD



is it just me or has someone else noticed how the “ACCOMMODATION AVAILABLE” signage overshadows even the club/pub/bars’ names for joints along kangundo road na uko eastern bypass(kwanza around kamakis)…hell even the neon shines brighter


nothing turns on like a polka dot thong…

Unaitwa ukalale:D:D

Mahuwa ulimaliza stock mukubwa?

Jambo Afande. Stock mpya ilianza jana na itaendelea sasa.

Season ya pears Ni lini

Hiyo utauliza jama wa karibu na kimende aka @Motokubwa






That’s Pedophilic



yea to pedos it is

Startalk radio tunein.
pure science.

Good to see you mwarimu