A. O. B official thread 22.9.2018


Shit I remember this small girl called me “uncle” the other day, got an existential crisis :smiley:



Hio ya Sir, i can relate, damn. Time flies

Believe it or not there’s a car in this photo.
How long did it take you to spot it.


It’s there, look again keenly.

Reflection of the puddle of water and the flora is noma. Remarkable photography.

:frowning: I still don’t fuckin see it.




Can you spot the wheel? If you can, you have seen it.

That red outline should make things a little clearer, I hope.


:eek: I SEE IT NOW!

Being blond is so hard!

I like your honesty.
Otherwise many of the self proclaimed high IQ’d talkers weren’t up to the task and pretended they hadnt seen the challenge.