A.O.B. Friday 9th November, 2018 (Forgivance Friday)

This day we pray for the forgivance of individuals who have yielded to the temptation of organizing gangs to exert revenge on others.

I will exercise forgiveness on your transgression regarding “forgivance” and I will join you in forgiving those who have wreaked havoc on you.

@gashwin amekataza hii exactly 3451 times.

And I have been absent those 3451 times


Ala mbona gif yangu inakataa kuingia fisuri,

How does the the brain ignore the second ‘the’?


Sankyou for kicking this bully on my behalf.



@moto kubwa kuna nyama ya free hapa



I guess I have been sufficiently chastised…:D:D:D


Just one more then we rest the matter.

That was a quick fix… Does it become a fix quick now @upepo

:D:D:D:D silly