A new twist in Cohens murder case, ( yellow yellow lured him)

A warrant of arrest has been issued for Nyokabi Kamotho, daughter of the late JJ Kamotho over the death of Tob Cohen.

Nyokabi is said to have met and had coffee with Sarah Wairimu Kamotho and the estranged husband of Gilgil MP Peter Karanja a day before Cohen went missing.[ATTACH=full]260518[/ATTACH]

digi hii ni maji ya kunde… si yellow…yellow ndio hizi:

how does that have anything to do with the case?

Ikiwa anakaa hivi baada ya kujipiga mkorogo gorogoro mbili. Na je ukipata na yeye usiku bila make-up. Si utarun for your dear life.
She can act horror movie bila make-up.

That’s the DCI for you, then after using lots of public resources and alot of media attention, unaskia, hakuna case.

The cops probably have something more on her. Cops never release to the public the full story until after the trial and conviction.

All that the male in me wants, ni harufu ya kuma, hizo zingine ni hadithi za Abunuwasi.

Digi kihiiiiiiii

Digi kihií


Did you see how the mother looked in her court appearance today?

Is Wairimu daughter to JJ Kamotho? Any form of relation?

What makes you think JJ was the only Kamotho?
Off head I know more than 5 Kamothos in various parts of the country.

daughter of the late JJ KKamotho. alleged to be an acomplice. I also know several kamothos. Reread what Digi posted

One day in langata will turn her into a ghost !

why she wearing a sick smile?

Who had coffee with who?

Is this the adopted daughter , or real daughter?

Lots of money at play here. Some heavy big shots involved in this case here.

Hata huyu Wairimu probably she is a Kamotho.

Wewe hauoni JJ kamotho in her ? Look at that nose.