A new terrorist threat ISCAP

In Africa we tend to react slow. For months we have ignored the Mozambique Cabo Delgado threat and how dangerous the situation is becoming.

Tanzania has bungled its attempts to quell the issue and had its troops massacred. And as revenge the terrorists invaded Mtwara and killed over 20 Tanzanian civilians. Things are escalating out of control and Kenya could be next as revenge on the death of Rogo.

The terrorists in Cabo Delgado some of them are Kenyan citizens and followers of Aboud Rogo who was gunned down by unknown assailants in Mombasa. These Mozambique terrorist could be slowly recruiting Kenyan youths to go fight there jihad war in Mozambique.

terrorists will never win…one day kitu itawaambia they behead one American.That will be the beginning of the end for them

These fuckers are on a fundraising run and are looking for support and it could be the reason of a rise in abduction cases in Kenya and Tanzania. As they’re looking for wives.

We need to be very diligent here in Kenya. Covid has really mess things up. Our youths could be getting lured huko.

you can be sure the government is doing nothing about it.They have more urgent business in bbi




africans are so weak, so damn weak… Everything is weak, military, institutions, government everything. How is it possible? Only in Africa do you have so many rebels and the government are weak and cant decimate them. Look at a failed state such as D.R.C which should be the strongest country in the world but is so weak and destibilized by just some thousand rebels. Fuckin hell. Low IQ is the issue.

Mozambique discovers significant oil and gas deposits and suddenly, as if on cue, terrorists appear in that part of the world

you cant be sure of that

Since the day the colonialists landed, the government has never slept…

Woe unto anyone who thinks the govt sleeps and sleeping

Hahahaha. And Biden “wins” and will deliver democracy soon to Mozambicans.

dude, you are almost deifying the yanks maze!

I still remember the day the killed rogo pale pirates. You could just see a pearl matatu had run into a wall na there were police everywhere in uniform and in plain clothes. Mimi i still went about my business just to come back home usiku kuskia it was rogo.

There is no cause for alarm. Hawa mathafakas wakaeza jaribu hio ujinga hapa 254 tunaeza walima washangae. You guys don’t underrate our security machinery. Kenyan security machinery across rank and file is battle hardened with very superb skills to be able to sustain and quell a conflict bravely. And don’t just assume ati security machinery haijui hizo threats. We have guys paleDoD, Kiambu road and Jogoo House who never sleep, crafting and drafting war and security plans for the defence of this country.

For the first time umeongea kitu tunakubaliana. Govt has never slept and never sleeps. We have guys in the security sector, across board who never sleep. For those who just hear things, endeni YouTube kwa page ya KDF muone interview segments nyingi sana zimefanywa na Gen. Kibochi.

yup, when it comes to security the government cant sleep .because its a matter of protecting its own interests

So many Americans were beheaded by ISIS in Syria ,Iraq and Afghanistan .Heck even one was beheaded in Pakistan not long ago .

LMAO .while I agree a sustained insurgency like the one in Mozambique cant take off in Kenya ,our security services have been unable to stop cross border raids and kidnappings by Somalia based militants .
They’ve been caught off guard so many times

and isis was decimated …well mostly because their ambition was unrealistic

True and attracted too much attention with beheadings and terror attacks in Europe .Their initial conquests though from Aleppo province to Raqqa to Tadmur to Homs all the way to the gates of Baghdad were impressive in military terms