A New Low :Radio Jambo hosts that Malaya Jecinta Odhiambo

She was in the radio jambo studio like an hour ago doing an interview. For those who don’t know who she is wacha niwapashe. This is the fat ugly ghasia who once inserted samaki in her veejay and posted the video online for every one to see. She is also “famous” for kupigwa kuni in the presence of a baby.

Just imagine and radio jambo has the audacity to host her just for the popularity and attract listeners. When asked why she does her disgusting acts, Jecinta brags that it brings her mbesha and does what her clients ask her to do.

Says, she is still in business and is thinking of retiring when she hits 40. Believes she will make a fortune out of this. Some callers called the live interview asking pia wao waonyeshwe hio kazi.

Hapa ndio I support that mkamba Ezekiel Mutua aingilie kati. What kind of low can pple go. Juzi it was the si hio ni kriminoo lady on a different radio station.

We are waiting for Churchill to give them an invite. Am shook.

Wah!! Mungu awasemehe kwa vile hawajui kile watendacho



Mutua has always been vilified… Suddenly he is our ‘Moses’ to deliver us from our version of Sodom and Gommorah


When some countries invite STEM professors to motivate students hizi takataka invites someone who makes money by inserting fish in her Vjj? What are kids hearing? Stupid woman and radio show hosts

Whoever comes up it these idea(s) needs to be fired asap. Many students in boarding schools are hooked with radio jambo…imagine the ideas/motivation they picked up today

Sikuizi i hardly listen to radio or watch the tv…
So many young kenyans who are doing anazing things lakini this fuckers opt to give this child abuser airtime to promote ponography. …!!! Nimechoka:mad:

:meffi::meffi::meffi: media

Ata mimi sikumbuki the last time I watched Kenyan TV or listened to radio. Kuna siku YouTube walinirecommend-ia hii video nikashangaa sana. Parents magazine interviewing a woman who produces a cheap imitation of Love & Hip Hop, ile show ya umalaya inaitwa Nairobi Diaries. Na in the interview she trashes classic Kenyan shows like Tausi na anasema vile Nairobi chieth iko juu, mbwer kabisa. Na anaitwa strong woman for promoting prostitution. This is not the Parents magazine my mum used to read. All “media houses” have succumbed to the temptation of dumbed down content.


Thats what you get when you employ non professionals. Young men and women with degrees and diplomas in mass communication/ radio journalism are tarmaking while our stations continue employing wannabees and washed up comedians.

Ni upuzi kabisa. I also don’t watch local chieth coz ni ya umeffi. Hawa wajinga badala waone international standards that we are exposed to as customers ndio they try to match they just keep being mediocre.

very true

Int the words of Phineas T. Barnum ‘There’s no such thing as bad publicity’ These stations have to stay online, plus they have different target vierwers

am shook,he he he

Na manzi kama hawa hautawai skia story yao.
The real role models to slay queens



Kiteri media.

For the best reggae tune in to Muuga FM hao hawana upuzi it’s four hours of music. I agree with the all sentiments you have shared, Kenyan media is a joke all the TV and radio stations talk about is sex and other abominable behavior.