A new disease. E.M.P.D

Huyu jamaa bwana. I have never seen a man so idle. Kila mahali naenda naona a new handle anaitwa Bingwa. Kidogo naangalia and the fucking handle reverts to bingwaish character. Im coming up with a conspiracy.

You have to give it to the admin. He’s a darn smart man. The admin is the owner of the bingwa group. I swear. The admin spends most time here. Doing nothing but looking at servers and choking it to safisha mecho threads. You can only do that for so long before you get bored.

Then an idea comes up in his mind. I have to come up with controversial handles. And i have to make a mother of them all that will die and resurrect when and where i want. And he was able come up with some entertainment to keep these stupid, strangers -to- one another, idiots, uniting under the tag villagers, well entertained when they are too lazy to entertain themslves, and I’ll keep traffic flowing=$$$

Admin is the killer multihandler. Sometimes he even argues with his other handles and other mods. Because i find it absurd to even think there would be a man so idle that can afford to buy data and spend most of his time coming up with multiple handles. Who else writes in one and every thread the same statement over and over.? Its like that other guy that keeps saying his male organ is big. This is the same person. @admin = @Bingwa Scrotum = @LIEN = @Purple That’s right an idle man. But he’s suffering. It has gone into its head. Ladies and gentlemen i introduce you the newly-discovered internet disorder. E.M.P.D(Electonic Multiple Personality Disorder). The admin is not alone. Other villagers are suffering as well. We have had to start calling out the bullshit. We suffer under sworn truths and hyper realistic stories of individuals that are suffering from E.M.P.D. people who are courageous enough to feed us their day-dreams, concentrated fantasies, fertile imaginations of the lives they live, in their mind parallel to those they consciously live in the real world.

It is not weird to see an old, knowledgeable mzee, transform into a, ripe, adolescent girl. When he runs out of ideas he becomes the subject of his sexual fantasies… a girl that just crossed into womanhood. And proceeds, in the same character, to refer to a son he fantasizes to be his. @Mzee mzima . That is the cancer here. The single mother expert is also suffering. Pia ugonjwa wake umekinai. If you dont buy his stories, he comes up with a new handle. He however, cant outrun his online chatacter. Sooner than later E.M.P.D kicks in and he drives his Mark X straight into someone’s wife or single mother. Really? Mark X? You’ll find that in these streets.

Hapa iko watu wagonjwa na hawajui.

niaje bingwa

Hapa ni kujibamba tu lakini ukiichukulia serious utapatwa na stress.

binjwa @pimpin5000hoes uko na shida

Bingwa unasumbua

:D:D:eek:. Hii thread itang’olewa

Utapata ulcers bure huku… If you take things seriously. Most people’s lives on social media is what they want you to see not what they actually live.

Uwesmake, Lien, Juha, the list is endless.

Mimi nimesema kuna watu wagonjwa.

Pimpin don’t bother. Alafu someone tag kwa Ngasseti ya leo.

Hio theory nakubaliana nayo

Hapo kwa @admin kuwa @LIEN ni upussy


Uvoo waku @Mwikalilet .Watinda ata?

Kweli kaka. Kwanza vile kijiji imekuwa bore of late, admean has had to create dozens of handles to churn out posts in the pretext of “new people are joining”

You’ve been slow… but you’re slowly waking up!

@uweskaswende is real

Haha…ati wewe ni bingwa and you argue with yourself.

wewe Mcoondu hii i am my own permission

hizo nyege zako zitakuonyesha moshi kwa mkia. Huyo ni uweskende AKA @LIEN