A National Disaster

Healthcare in Kenya should be prioritized…period…
Abuja declaration says 15% of budget, should go to healthcare

We should have a Cancer Center up and running by now and a Cancer Research Institute both under the national government, hii kitu imekua rampant sana.

They contest for those very important and overly demanding offices knowing all too well that they are sick and dying!
No wonder the house is always vacant even when important issues are being discussed, because they are out there in a hospital bed, perhaps dying! Confident that the public will foot for their bills!
And, worse, they never try to improve the hospitals for us!

Si yule musician shinney eye aliwaambia watakuwa wakitoka Hidia na masanduku?

If they would be discussing improving Healthcare kwa that filthy house then they wouldn’t have time to go to India for treatment. Moi went to Israel to have his legs checked, but I wondered “that thing was the leader for 24 yrs and he never built a single top notch hospital that he would be treated when his time comes.” I say this with no regrets: let the politicians die till sense is installed in their hard drives